​#1 Raleigh Home Theater Installation at Synergy

Raleigh Home Theater InstallationAttention residents of the Raleigh area! Home theater installation is the newest trend in home improvement!

Are you a movie fanatic who would love to bring the big screen to their own living room? We have great news. Through Synergy Integrated Systems, you can bring your silver screen dreams to life. Synergy Integrated Systems is Raleigh-Durham’s premier custom technology provider. From home theaters to lighting systems you can control through your smartphone, Synergy Integrated Systems does it all. For all things tech, think big—think Synergy.

What is Synergy Integrated Systems?

Synergy is a company that aims to integrate any electronic features of any room in your home. Using keypads, remotes, or even the touch screen on your phone, anything can be integrated. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to control any room’s lighting using just your phone? That dream can now be your reality. Easily control the atmosphere of any room or electronic system with simple, handheld tools. Life is made more comfortable when you call Synergy.

What makes Synergy better than the rest?

Locally owned and operated, Synergy is able to provide personal, full-time customer service to all of our clients. They become part of our family and are treated that way.. When shopping around for a company to undertake large projects within your home, trust is the most important thing. At Synergy, rest assured that the highest quality products and customer service are guaranteed. Wouldn’t it be great to have a fully automated home? To spend hours entertaining friends and family in your automated home theater? A better quality of life awaits you when you contact the professionals at Synergy Integrated Systems.

A home theater is the ultimate element in entertaining!

For residents of Raleigh, home theater installation is a breeze. Synergy uses high quality products from trusted brands to give you the best experience possible. Once Synergy has helped you create a unique, innovative home theater, have some friends over and show it off. Friends, family and neighbors alike will be lining up to sneak a peak. Family movie night has never been better than with a home theater installation by Synergy Integrated Systems. The children (and adults) will enjoy an enhanced experience with their video games and sports fans of all ages will love watching all of the big games from a comfortable reclining media chair! When you choose Synergy, you can feel confident that your convenience and comfort is our number one priority.

Trust in our top quality brands

Brands like Crestron, SONOS and URC Total Control are what keep Synergy at the top of the home automation game. In fact, Synergy is the #1 distributor of Crestron products in the area. When it comes to lighting integration, custom audio-video distribution and home theater design, absolutely nobody beats Synergy. An integrated entertainment system created from the best names in the business is a perfect addition to any home. If you’ve been dreaming of a simpler life, let Synergy help. If you are a resident of Raleigh or any surrounding areas all the way out to the coast, home theater installation has never been simpler or more trustworthy than with Synergy Integration Systems. Build your way to a better future when you trust Synergy with any home automation needs. Call today and let’s get started creating your new, integrated home theater.