5 Components in a Quality Home Audio System

A high-end, high quality home audio system requires more than just great-sounding speakers for every room of your home. While the right home audio system starts with the best speakers, many other components contribute to your system’s sound quality, reliability and ease-of-use. Let a professional home audio installation firm in Raleigh, like Synergy Integrated Systems, walk you through the components you’ll need for a system that will fill your home with the sound of music.


Whether you want 5.1 or 7.1 surround in your family or media room, ceiling speakers for the kitchen, or outdoor speakers for poolside, you may want the option of choosing from a variety of brands to fit your needs. The best home theater speaker manufacturer may not also make the best speakers for patio entertaining. Synergy Integrated Systems carries many top brands, so we can spec the best for your home, your needs and your budget.

In some cases, you may want to purchase a whole home audio system, like Sonos, as an easy to use, affordable, all-in-one solution for home audio.


An amplifier drives power to your speakers. Whole home audio systems, and many other speakers designed for home use, often come with onboard amps. Your home audio professional will let you know if your system requires amplifiers for the best sound.

Power Conditioning

Power conditioners or power isolation products play an important role in extending the life of your home audio system and also improving fidelity. A power conditioner protects your home audio system from power surges while providing noise filtration for a much cleaner sound.


Sources store the music that will be playing on your home audio system. Options may include an AM/FM receiver, and iTunes streamed through your iPhone, iPad, Apple computer or AppleTV. If you have a big CD collection, you may want to store albums on a home media server or on iTunes for easy, instant access.

The award-winning Crestron CEN-NSP-1 is a network stream player that allows you to stream popular internet radio services, like Pandora, without using a computer or smart device. The CEN-NSP-1 works in conjunction with your Crestron control system to make it easy for your whole family to enjoy music in any room of your home.

Control System

If you’re routing music to every room of your home, you’ll need an easy way to control volume and sources wherever you are. That’s where a quality control system like Crestron comes in. Wall-mounted or table top touchscreens, plus iPad and iPhone control, let you adjust audio levels, change sources, and even turn the system on and off from anywhere. Forgot to turn off the kitchen speakers before you left the house? Take care of it from your iPhone!

Let Home Audio Professionals Help

As you can see, a lot more than just speakers go into choosing the right home audio system. Installing a new home audio system is not a weekend do-it-yourself job. A professional integrator in Raleigh can help you select the right components for your needs and within your budget. We’ll even train you in the system’s operation, so nothing is left to chance.

With professional installation, if you ever need a system upgrade or if anything ever goes wrong, we’re just a phone call away.