5 Must-Have Features For Your Home Theaters

home theaters Want something new in your home?  What about home theaters?  If you are lucky enough to have an extra room in your home, you’ve probably thought of a few different ways you could put it to good use.

However, if you want to turn it into a space that will truly be of value and give you and your family around-the-clock enjoyment, a home theater is the way to go. More than just a room full of fancy electronics, home theaters are all about providing a unique experience.

It’s this experience that Synergy Integrated Systems strives to deliver to their clients with each new setup. While every media room is designed to match the preferences of the individual homeowner, there are certain features that should be incorporated into all home theaters.

Good Lighting

Lighting is a critical element for any home theater. Many homeowners overlook this when sketching out ideas, but you may not always want the lights completely off when spending time in your media room. The placement of lights, color, and reflection will all make a difference in how the room appears and the quality of the picture on the screen. Another thing to think about is adding a light control feature that allows you to adjust the lighting with the convenience of a remote control.

 Comfortable Seating

No one wants to watch a movie for a couple hours or more while stuck in uncomfortable seats. Seating in home theaters should be constructed and arranged in a way that helps people avoid getting restless, so they can pleasantly focus on the screen the entire time. It’s also a good idea to include accessories, such as cup holders, snack trays, and reclining options.

 Surround Sound

If you have the space to do it properly, a surround sound system is a must. This enhanced audio can make all the difference in the world in your overall entertainment experience. There’s nothing quite like being able to hear the movie going on all around you. The minimum recommendation for surround sound in home theaters is usually 5.1, which will give you three front speakers and two back speakers, but a 7.1 format is a more common and higher caliber choice.

 Projection Screen

Of course, you can’t have a good home theater without the right screen to display your picture. If you want the chance to have the ultimate cinematic event, a projection screen will give you just that. Optimal viewing is best attained on a large screen that will ensure you don’t miss any of the details.

Surge Protectors

An essential component not to be forgotten when setting up home theaters is surge protectors. This little extra investment will offer a big source of protection should there be a power surge. There’s no sense in risking a voltage spike that will keep your home theater from working and potentially cause serious damage to your expensive equipment.

Home Theaters With Synergy

Home theaters are a great way to bring endless hours of entertainment right into your own home. Whether you’re converting an unused room into a home theater, building an addition, or making upgrades to an existing one, Synergy Integrated Systems is your one-stop-shop for design, high quality products, and installation.