6 Quick Home Theater Design Tips

One of the best parts of owning a home is creating a personal oasis. In the greater Raleigh area, you have an amazing variety of resources to create a truly welcoming home. You can add whatever features to your home that will make you, your family and your friends feel comfortable and relaxed. You can build a basketball court in the backyard, add a swimming pool, install a hot tub on the deck, or turn your basement into a home theater.


Many homeowners love the idea of creating a home theater in their basement or garage, but often don’t know where to turn. Home theater design can be expensive, especially when you don’t have any experience with the electronics involved. Luckily, in the greater Raleigh area, Synergy Integrated Systems is there to guide you through the process. We would like to offer six home theater design tips to make your project run smoothly.


Target Audience


Before embarking on a home theater design project, you’ll need to sit down and decide who your target audience is. Your home theater may be a getaway for you and your spouse. The theater may be more for the children and their friends. You could be creating a den to watch scary movies, or you may enjoy inviting a crowd over to watch sporting events.


The biggest home theater design tip we have for you is to have a plan. Decide who you’re creating the theater for and then design your room with that group in mind. Avoid clumping too many ideas together.


High-Tech Lighting


Once you know what type of theater you want, you’ll want to focus on high-tech lighting. Lighting will play a large role in your home theater design. One of the best ways to light your theater is by recreating the lighting at a real movie theater. Recessed lighting also works well in intimate theaters.


Platform Seating


Home theater design is a personal choice. You may be creating a theater for a couple of people or 8-12 individuals. If you’re trying to create a larger private theater, then one of the best home theater design tips we can offer you is platform seating. Platform seating allows your theater to offer better viewing angles and more seating. Platform seating is also an excellent choice for individuals using their home theater to watch sporting events.


Avoid Exposed Wiring


No matter what you’re using the space for – you’ll want to avoid exposed wiring like it’s the plague. Nothing kills the vibe of a home theater design more than exposed wiring visible in many places. The best practice in this situation is to hide the wires in the wall. This often means using a professional installer.


Don’t Look Up


There’s a reason no one likes to sit in the front of the movie theater. Imagery drastically changes when you’re looking up at a screen. It’s vital to make sure you’re not looking up at a screen in your home theater. The easiest home theater design tip to combat this issue is platform seating. However, you can also install your screen at a lower eye level to ensure a crisp picture from all seats.


Windows are the Enemy


If possible, you’ll want to create your home theater in a room without windows. Bright, natural light is the enemy of a stunning screen in your home theater. Even a drop of light can destroy a beautiful display. If a room with windows is your only home theater design option – make sure you invest in the best blackout shades you can afford.


Home Theater Design in Raleigh


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