A Crestron Home Automation System Integrates with More Than 300 Products

If you’re considering a Crestron home automation system to control your home theater as well as turn your entire house into a smart home, you may have already heard of Crestron Pyng. The popular home automation hub- set up entirely via an app with no programming required- streamlines our installation time. This reduces the price for you, and also makes it easier for you to make simple changes to the system without a call to Synergy Integrated Systems. We like that as much as you will!

We save time, and you save money, while enjoying all the capabilities of high-end Crestron home automation in an easy-to-use package.

At this year’s CEDIA The Future Home Experience trade show held in Dallas in October, the leader in home automation announced that Crestron Pyng is now compatible with more than 300 additional products. Crestron Pyng was first introduced at CEDIA Expo 2014, and permitted users to control lighting, shades, and a few other elements of a smart home easily with just a Crestron Pyng hub and an app. Shortly after, the system was upgraded to include audio distribution control, streaming music and more.

Today, Crestron Pyng is able to control RGB lighting, ONVIF cameras, and wireless fans. Cresnet and Ethernet wired devices are now compatible with Pyng, which means that many devices that live on your home network can be easily added to the many scenes Pyng offers and controlled through either a touchscreen or iPad using the Pyng app.

Is Pyng the Right Choice for Crestron Home Automation in Your House?

If you had asked us a year ago if you should invest in a Crestron Pyng system rather than a conventional Crestron home automation system requiring programming by a Synergy Integrated Systems rep, we may have asked you what aspects of your home you were looking to control. The capabilities of Crestron Pyng were somewhat limited, but perfect for homeowners taking their first baby steps into the world of control technology. Crestron Pyng lets you control your lighting, shades, door locks, and your AV systems.

Today, there is virtually nothing you can’t control with Crestron Pyng, from security cameras to your entire home theater system. It’s easy for us to set up, and even easier for you to use.

Control Your DigitalMedia Matrix with Crestron Pyng, Too

In the past, if you needed a 4K video matrix for your family room, bedrooms and home theater, giving you the ability to send any source to any screen, we would have certainly steered you toward a Crestron Series3 control system for full control of your Crestron DM. Today, we can set up your Crestron Pyng system to select sources and screens through your DM system using one of Crestron’s stylish touch screens or your iPad. This makes Crestron Pyng a cost-effective, easy-to-use yet robust choice for virtually any home – even if you are a home entertainment aficionado or an audiophile looking for extensive technology capabilities in your home.

Remote Monitoring with Crestron Home Automation Systems

Of course, even though we know Crestron Pyng is easy for you to use, we are still at your service 24/7 if you should ever experience a problem with your Crestron home automation system. Using the MyCrestron Residential Monitoring Service, we may even realize there is a problem with your Crestron Pyng system before you do, and we might even be able to fix it remotely, without visiting your home and disrupting your family’s schedule.

Of course, there are some homes that will benefit from traditional Crestron home automation systems, but if you are new to smart home technology or looking for a system that is reliable, intuitive, and provides a great value for your money, ask us about Crestron Pyng.