A Guide to Home Audio Speakers

Synergy Integrated Systems’ customers have a vast array of choices in home audio speakers, from top high-end brands to value-priced models, if you need to install a large amount of speakers for distributed audio through a large home.

It can be difficult to make a decision about a whole home sound system. After all, you and your family will be living with for the sound for decades. You want speakers that will give you the quality you expect, whether you are a true audiophile or just want music in the family room so the kids can hold impromptu dance parties.

Our Brands

Synergy Integrated Systems carries home audio speakers from Crestron, Episode, JBL, Leon, Origin Acoustics, Revel, Triad and James.


Home automation powerhouse Crestron Electronics offers more than just smart home systems. The company carries three lines of loudspeakers for distributed audio throughout a residence: Essence, Aspire, and Excite. Paired with the Crestron Sonnex multi-zone audio distribution solution, these speakers will fill your home with the sound of music. The Air line of outdoor speakers can also bring the music to your patio, deck, or swimming pool.


The Episode Signature 1300 series offers high quality, whole home sound for distributed audio systems, home theater applications and more. The 1500 and 1700 series are best suited for home theater systems and the listening rooms of audiophiles, although any home audio speakers in the Signature line can provide the sound quality that discerning music-lovers desire.

JBL Speakers

JBL, a trusted name in commercial audio, car audio and more, manufactures high-quality, value-priced home audio speakers that deliver the sound quality you’d expect from such a reputable brand.


Leon’s high-fidelity speakers have been a trusted choice for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts for more than 15 years. The loudspeaker lines are designed to complement each other, giving homeowners in-wall, on-wall, in-ceiling and bookshelf choices to create the sound they want in any room.

Origin Acoustics

With three lines of high quality whole home audio speakers in more than 40 varieties, Origin Acoustics has the products you need to bring high quality sound to every room of your home, as well as your backyard and entryway. With an ultra-fine perforation pattern, paintable grille, and thin outer bezel, the speakers are designed to blend in with any home’s décor.


The Concerta2, launched at the 2015 CES show, is the latest in the Revel line of speakers, Revel manufactured by Harman. With so many choices and options available in the Harman family of products, your Synergy rep can help you select the speakers that are best for your application.


Triad recently renamed its Omni line of speakers as “Satellites,” making improvements in the speakers’ design for better sound quality, increased output, and better definition. Satellite speakers are custom made in Portland, Oregon, and built to the specifications we require for your project, you can also get color-matching for any décor.

James Loudspeakers

With patented quad-tweeter technologies, James Loudspeakers provide superior high-fidelity audio for any home application. Whether you need in-wall, in-ceiling or outdoor speakers to bring music to every area of your home, your Synergy rep will help you select the right combination of custom-designed speakers to offer the audio experience you and your family want.

Choosing Home Audio Speakers

Reading reviews, talking to other families with a distributed audio system, and asking your Synergy dealer lots of questions can help you make the right choice in home audio speakers. But nothing beats listening to the sound quality and timbre of the speakers you have in mind. Stop by the Synergy showroom to demo our loudspeaker lines and choose the system that’s best for your family.