A Home Audio System Provides “Top Shelf” Family Entertainment

As we become more and more a nation of “nesters,” who get great comfort from entertaining ourselves within the comfortable parameters of our well-appointed residences, it is intriguing to imagine the delight of a complete home audio system. With acoustic precision that delivers perfectly modulated sound, which is artfully distributed inside and outside your house with customized, individual sound controls for each living area – your family may never leave home again!

Home Audio Systems

Synergy Integrated Systems is your source for sound distribution systems from Sonos, Heos, URC and Crestron. These experts in the field offer customization that is so detailed it will astound you! Your residence can be divided into zones such as living room/dining room, patio/pool area, or individual bedroom/sitting rooms for example. Each zone is wired to access multiple sources of audio without being dependent on any other zone.

Your custom-designed system will coordinate operation and management of the music, making it a dream to operate through in-wall controls, touch screens, remote devices and smartphones. Speakers can be installed to blend into the room’s furnishings, leaving you to enjoy the sound and not be distracted by unsightly boxes. Our speaker lines include Crestron, Episode, JBL, Leon, Origin Acoustics, Revel, Triad and James Loudspeaker. You can even have surround sound to accompany a complete media system!

All at the same time, someone can be in the kitchen enjoying the energy of some rock ‘n roll from the ‘60s and ‘70s, while someone else is in the den quietly reading a novel accompanied by selections of jazz and another family member is out by the pool playing along with current pop favorites while youngsters are in the recreation room singing Disney tunes. Perhaps you’ve invited some friends over for a leisurely evening; you can have soft strains of popular show tunes drifting through the entire house and across the patio as people mix and mingle.

Or, you can queue up a favorite cinema selection for the extended family and enjoy exciting surround sound with your popcorn and soft drinks. There are as many ways to enjoy your system as there are people to imagine them.

Synergy Integrated Systems is Here For You

We are not huge in number with hundreds of employees and we are not spread out with locations across the country. We are a local team who will be focused on your needs and your family’s goals from the first minute you contact us. Throughout the research, deliberation, decision-making process, you will deal with the same people and not be handed off to whoever is working that shift in that location.

Even after your system is installed in your home, we offer over-the-phone and in-person troubleshooting around the clock, because if you can’t enjoy your system for whatever reason, we can’t enjoy our time off!

Contact us today to talk about your home audio system or any other service we offer. We would be delighted to get to know you.