Powering Smarter Home and Business Security is the platform of choice for the leading Security and Smart Home Service Providers today. provides smarter home and business security through innovative technology that deepens the connection between people and the things they care about most — their homes, families and businesses. Their award-winning technology and cloud services, including Interactive Security, Energy Management, Video Monitoring, and Automation, connect a broad array of smart devices, making them easily controlled through an intuitive mobile app. Designed for Professional Service Providers, offers tools for easy installation, rapid troubleshooting, exceptional customer support and seamless upgrades. The platform combines comprehensive Smart Home features with top quality Professional Services to create an exceptional customer experience.

Dedicated mobile app

For your security system to reliably protect you in an emergency—a fire, a break-in, extreme weather—it’s essential that you choose one with the most reliable technology for communicating with the outside world. uses a tamper-resistant cellular connection, dedicated solely to your security system. This signaling technology is reliable, and works even if your phone line, cable, broadband and power are down.

It’s exclusive to your security system

Your safety should never compete for bandwidth with entertainment and other services.’s cellular connection is reserved solely for your security system to communicate with’s cloud. It’s not shared with other services and it doesn’t depend on your home’s networking and WiFi router.

It can’t be physically cut

The most sophisticated broadband or cable-connected security systems can be defeated in seconds on the outside of the home, using a pair of scissors. A cellular connection has no cable to cut. Should an intruder attack the security

It works even when the power’s out.

Even if your home loses power, your system will continue to communicate. Our security panels feature 24-hour battery backup so you’ll stay secure until the electricity comes back on.

Manage Access To Your Property with Smarter Locks

Control who has access to your property, and when, with integrated control for door locks and garage doors. Create unique lock codes for each user, and set a schedule to control when the codes can be used. You can create and disable codes at any time, so there’s no need to rekey or change your locks. lock management

Key Features

Garage doors

Garage doors are the key entry point to a property. Now you can remotely open or close the garage door and get a notification if the door is left open when it shouldn’t be.


Never forget to lock the door or close the garage again. Get reminders if a door is left unlocked, and see who just unlocked or locked a door.

Reduce False Alarms

Set your security system to automatically disarm when a valid lock code is entered. This is simpler for users, who only have to remember one lock code (not a system code), avoiding the hassle of false alarms.

Remote Control

Remotely lock or unlock the door right from your app. You can let in a visitor or a contractor without having to be there.

Access Control

Efficiently manage permissions for all the access points to your business. Quickly add and delete employee access, secure equipment, inventory and employees against unauthorized access and keep track of important activity in real time.

Energy Management

Save money and stay comfortable with responsive energy savings, location-based automation and personalized usage recommendations based on your activity patterns. connects your thermostats and lighting to your security system for a smarter, more responsive set of options for saving energy. Energy Management


Automatic Savings

Manage your lights and temperature settings with automated schedules. Create easy rules to have an added layer of smart automation based on system activity. Have your thermostat automatically set back when the system is armed away, or pause if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected to limit the circulation of fumes.

Lock-Out & Alerts

Stay in control of your energy settings even when you’re away. Get a notification if the thermostat setting is adjusted, or if the temperature in your property gets too high or too low. You can also enable a local lock-out so that others can’t adjust the thermostat.

Extreme Temperatures

Want to avoid overpaying for energy on extremely hot or cold days? can use real-time local weather data to adjust your temperature settings to save energy and money if outdoor temps spike.

Mobile Control

Adjust lights and thermostats from home or while you’re away, with complete control through your app or any computer.