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security systems near meThe aftermath of a burglary leaves behind a person who usually feels violated and scared. Do not become a victim. You have taken an important first step by searching for security systems near me to keep your home safe.

If you have not been the victim of a home burglary, you are probably thinking that it’s a good time to be more proactive to try to prevent an incident in the future. Regardless of the reason, installing a home security system in today’s crime-ridden world is a must for every homeowner in the Raleigh area.

Initially, the search results you get might seem overwhelming. After all, you might not be sure of what system is best or what to look for in a security system installation company. Fortunately, Synergy Integrated Systems can help to inform you in this detailed blog of nearly everything you need to know about security systems. We cover aspects from the history of security systems to some of the best systems on the market. Plus, we address other home technology ideas to consider in order to create your very own smart home.

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Background of Security Systems

Did you know that the first official security systems in America were nothing more than night watchmen, known as door shakers, shaking on homeowners’ doors? Homeowners of that time requested and paid for this service to ensure their doors remained locked at night. This archaic form of security started soon after the end of World War 1 when crime was on the rise.

In 1966, Marie Van Brittan Brown and her husband, Albert Brown, invented the first home security system. Four years later, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted the couple a patent for their ground-breaking invention.

Security systems have come a long way since the 1960s. There are so many security options now, beyond a simple burglar alarm. If you want intrusion detection, a security camera, or even a video doorbell, then these are all readily available by almost every home security company on the market. Today’s home security systems provide homeowners with many benefits.

Advantages of Installing a Home Security System

There are numerous benefits to installing a security system at home. A few major advantages of home security include:

  • Providing peace of mind while sleeping
  • Keeping valuables safe
  • No worrying when you are away from home
  • Lowering home insurance premium in most cases
  • Monitoring home remotely
  • Contacting authorities automatically when an emergency occurs if homeowner chooses

Now that you know the advantages of a home security system, it is important to factor into your decision some statistics on home break-ins in the United States.

Startling Burglary Statistics

Numbers do not lie, and these burglary statistics listed below are quite disturbing.

  • 66% of the annual 2.5 million break-ins happen in homes, not businesses.
  • 65% of burglaries occur during the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. when people are less likely to be home and the home is unattended and unwatched.
  • The odds of a break-in increase by 300% for homes without a security system.

These statistics show the importance of protecting your home and valuables. Next, you need to consider which security system is best for you and your home.

Components & Features of a Good Security System

“Security is not a product, but a process,” computer security specialist Bruce Shneier said. This means real security is not about one security device, but all the components that work together within that security system for a smooth process to keep people, valuables, and documents safe.

Security System Equipment Basics

Before you begin your quest for the right home security system, it is important to understand all the components of a well-functioning system. Security system equipment includes:

  • Control panel
  • Door sensor for all exterior doors
  • Window sensor for all windows
  • Presence simulation
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Motion sensor – on every entry point as requested
  • Glass break detector
  • High-decibel alarms
  • Monitors contact to emergency response personnel automatically, unless you decline

These are all the major equipment and device components that make up a home security system. If you are looking for a wireless home security system, then you will need to also consider your current home network capabilities.

Features Available for Security Systems

As there are so many security systems on the market, it might be hard to choose just one. Below are some items to look for when selecting a great security system.

  • Professional monitoring
  • Return call time response
  • Not just a burglar alarm
  • Power source
  • Alarm system size is in line with residence size
  • Call button for instant emergency personnel
  • Asset protection devices
  • Doorbell camera
  • Smart lock

Security Alerts to Consider

Be sure to inquire if the security system you are looking at alerts against the following issues:

  • Fires
  • Carbon monoxide leaks
  • Intruders and unusual activity
  • Dangerous appliance malfunctions

False Alarms

A final consideration is how the alarm company handles a false alarm. You will want an alarm system that calls you first, and immediately after, they receive an alarm trigger warning. This ensures you have time to tell them if it is a false alarm before they send the police. The reason for this is that a false alarm report to police often costs money. A false alarm report fee varies in price depending on the local government laws, but usually costs anywhere from $25 to $100 per false alarm.

Once you have decided you want a security system, are satisfied with the professional monitoring services offered, and possibly narrowed down the choices, it is time to determine how to install the system at your home.

Benefits of a Professionally-Installed Security System

At first, it might be tempting to choose a DIY home security installation. A DIY installation and DIY system might seem like a cheaper option. However, it might not be the safer option for your home and family.

Always keep in mind, this security system is what is keeping you and your precious family safe from burglars, fires, gas poisoning, and other dangers.

Notably, a professionally-installed security system provides homeowners with many benefits over a DIY solution. Some of the many advantages include:

  • No wiring issues or shortages
  • Less likely to malfunction
  • Headache-free installation
  • Ability to tie into other home technology services
  • Support if problems occur later or if you want to expand or add other features

Speaking of other home technology services, a home surveillance system enhances a security system for even more support.

Home Surveillance Systems Go Hand in Hand with Security Systems

If you are looking for something a step above the average home security system, then you should consider a home surveillance system. This will include everything from video surveillance equipment, a motion detector, and an extensive monitoring plan.

Real-time feeds from any outdoor camera allow homeowners to watch their home while they are away. Recording options mean if someone ever does break in, then the video will capture the event. Therefore, it can aid in the police investigation. Additionally, another service that goes seamlessly with security systems is a home network.

Importance of a Reliable Home Network

A secure and reliable home network is vital to maintaining a state-of-the-art security system. Wireless connections play a big role in the current security system equipment functioning properly. For instance, if you want to remotely access the system’s control panel, then it should tie into your home network.

It is important to choose a home security system installer that has extensive experience. Synergy Integrated Systems has that experience and so much more!

Six Reasons Why You Should Choose Synergy Integrated Systems

At Synergy Integrated Systems, we pride ourselves on providing the six benefits listed below to every single client.

  1. Excellent customer service
  2. Stellar reviews as third-party verification
  3. Professional, experienced technicians
  4. Responsive throughout the entire project
  5. Upfront price estimates
  6. Open-source access

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Synergy’s Top Picks for Security Systems

We know there are many security systems from which to choose, so we like to make it easy for our clients by recommending those that not only fit their needs but are top performers. is a leader in smart home security and provides an excellent user friendly platform for your security system. Depending on your home setup we typically recommend 2GIG security equipment but if you have a Crestron home automation system then we use DSC.

  1. DSC
  2. 2GIG

Once you decide on either one of these systems, it is time to consider the cost.

How Much Does It Cost for a Security System Installation?

Every customized project at Synergy is meant to meet the homeowner’s needs, desires, and budget. No two projects are ever alike! Our goal is always to provide our clients with a home solution they love. We want to ensure that every client is 100% comfortable with their selections before moving forward with any project.

The scope of the project directly impacts the price. Here are a few factors that play a role in determining the price of a home security system.

  • Type of equipment
  • Size of the protected area
  • Professional monitoring services
  • Additional home technology services requested

These are only some of the various factors for determining a final price on a security system installation.

If you are looking to enhance and improve the technology in your home, we also offer many other services to create the ultimate smart home experience.

Other Vital Home Improvement Services Synergy Offers

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