Bring Your Screen to Life with A Home Theater Install

home theater install“Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” If that rings true to how you’ve been feeling lately, join the club. To put it mildly, the world has changed a bit over the last few months. However, our opportunities to enjoy our wonderful world have not. We simply have to enjoy it in different ways on occasion. A home theater install is a fantastic step toward doing exactly that. Synergy Integrated Systems has some creative solutions to get you started.

Speaking of creative, you may have noticed that we’ve used a movie quote as our first sentence. Since we love everything cinematic, we’ve peppered numerous quotes into our article so that you can have a little fun reading. As you browse, see if you can name the movie that each quote comes from!

Advantages of a Home Theater Install

First, consider the future and the practical aspects of home theater installation. “After all, tomorrow is another day!” While we can all acknowledge that there will certainly be a day when we each can enjoy gathering with the masses and viewing our favorite flicks in a theater, there are compelling reasons to set up your own home theater. Even when we all indeed feel safe joining in the fun with other folks, a home theater means you can do it whenever you wish.

Second, having a home theater down the hall is undeniably convenient. Ever feel like watching your favorite flick while lounging in your jammies? Trust us, that’s not weird. In fact, it sounds pretty delightful. However, it would be a little weird if you showed up at the local multiplex in your slippers and robe. Your customized theater room has no dress code. It’s simply built for comfort and fun!

Moreover, how much do you enjoy waiting in line for a ticket? Or, worse, how entertaining is it to wait in line only to discover that the movie theater had no more tickets left for your planned evening entertainment? Your home theater installation has no lines; the tickets never sell out. You can surround yourself in a top-of-the-line sound system, vibrant video and customized setup by merely walking into another room.

Third, installation of a theater saves money. Theater ticket prices rose an average of 3.7% in 2019. That is a number that tends to go up rather than down. If you decide to join a group of folks to visit the theater, it gets expensive for everyone. A home theater system cuts costs. Plus, you save on gas. And then there are the expensive snacks at the theater, when you know you have the same snacks in your pantry at home. These are just some of the savings that offset the cost of the home theater over time. These are benefits to both your wallet and the environment.

Finally, the team at Synergy Integrated Systems can design your home theater setup based on your desires. You are in control of your ambiance and all aspects of your room. Surround speakers, lighting, audio, screen, seating and everything else reflects what fits you best. We put you in the lap of luxury, nearly literally!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Fasten Your Seat Belts.”

Regarding laps of luxury, we have tons of ideas on that. Hello…how about reclining in luxurious movie seating? You may be thinking, “You had me at hello.” Or, maybe it was at the lap of luxury. Either way, we will complete your dream scenario! Comfy theater seats are an integral aspect of your installation. In fact, we think well beyond just comfort. Here are just a few of the perks that theater seats offer.

  • Heated seats
  • Reclining chairs
  • Cup holders
  • Trays
  • Power headrests
  • USB ports
  • Curved rows
  • Italian leather
  • LED lighting
  • Massage mechanisms
  • Swivels
  • Storage Compartments

Next, you may wonder: ‘How many seats should I use for the theater?’ It’s “Elementary, dear Watson.” Just a little math and educated use of space, determines that answer. The size of the room and how you wish to use it is your solution. Cozy may be your idea of comfort. If that’s the case, you can get away with minimal seating. Conversely, if you have a large family or like to entertain, more seating makes sense. Likewise, consider future owners. Since a home theater install could actually add value to your house, you should use the space in your room well and provide seating to fit various sizes. If you’d rather not have every sitting space specified as a theater seat, you could also add space for couches or other lounging areas that are versatile.

“Wait a Minute, Wait a Minute. You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet!”

Obviously, our team at Synergy Integrated Systems doesn’t stop there. Our trailer of the best picture show has surprises you may not have even thought of yet. While you envision relaxing in your home theater, we’re here to finesse the fabulous details. If you’re thinking “Go ahead, make my day,” we most certainly will. Better yet, we’ll make more than just your day. We’ll make your evenings, afternoons, mornings, whatever you wish, more pleasant to enjoy in your home theater. To do this, we address all features of your installation.

Initially, consider something you can’t see or sit in. It’s audio. After all, “The hills are alive with the sound of music.” We fill the hills of your home with that and more. Surround sound isn’t just for fantastic musical audio. Therefore, we expertly place each speaker so that you can hear every cheer chanted as your favorite team battles for the win. Additionally, we use an amplifier so that you can hear each gentle whisper uttered in your favorite film. Moreover, we use surround sound so that you get the ultimate sound quality to immerse yourself in whatever moment your screen shows you.

Speaker placement is also key in your overall sound quality. Not only do we strategically place each speaker, we expertly hide each speaker wire in our overall setup. Hiding wiring is crucial in creating a seamless home cinema. We consider all of those details, so that you don’t have to.

Similarly, we contemplate all of the wiring details in your media room well beyond each speaker wire. Every HDMI cable, projector wiring, every lighting cable, home theater receiver, etc. are carefully planned as we envision the needs for your home theater setup.

Improving Your Point of View

Of course, we consider your view as well. It’s been said that “…people who can relax, enjoy the sunset, hold hands at the end of the day… they’re the happy ones.” Your expertly-designed home cinema makes you one of the happy ones. We use cutting-edge technology in our home theater installation to ensure your view is as clear as possible. Offering some of the best products in the business helps us achieve this dedication to clarity. Our projector product line includes JVC, Epson and Vivitek. Currently, the highest resolution is ultra-high definition or 4K resolution. Ultra-high def has 4 times the resolution of 1080P.

“I am big. It’s the pictures that got small!” Certainly, our team would never want you to feel that way as you lounge in your home theater! Consequently, we use some of the best methods and screen vendors in the business. Since the display in your private cinema is typically the largest that you’ll have in your home, we use a projector and a projector screen. This 2-piece design allows you to have a display from 120” to 140” or even bigger.

Moreover, the screen that goes in your custom home theater can be a lot more detailed than just a fixed frame with a 3” wide felt trim around the screen. Newer screens can have nearly zero edge surrounding them, and the screen just has a small piece of trim around the edge of the screen. Motorized screens are also an option. With the ability to retract up and roll out of the way, they can reveal a piece of art while not being used. Some even have an LED backlight that will light up the wall while watching TV which creates the illusion of a floating picture. While the light may seem distracting, it actually helps with the picture quality of the screen. The low-level ambient light helps create a greater contrast to the picture so black levels look deeper than they would without the light. Our innovative screen line includes Screen Innovations, Stewart Filmscreen and Dragonfly.

Don’t Let Lighting Fog Your Vision

“If it wasn’t for the mist, we could see the green light…” Okay, since we love everything cinematic, we’re going to dig a little deep here. Sometimes, what we do or don’t see obstructs our view. Ultimately, it can change our entire experience. Obtaining that optimal view isn’t simply about tv installation or screen options. Proper lighting is intrinsic to your home theater design as well.

You deserve to see everything in the best light possible without having to think about it. Lighting should work for you, not against you. Improperly placed lights can actually fog your vision and become obstructive to your overall view. The right natural or artificial lighting can also go a long way in setting the perfect ambiance for your in-home movie screening.

Additionally, ambient light helps prevent eye fatigue. When watching a movie where scenes change from almost completely black to very bright, your eye is constantly adjusting to control how much light comes into your eye. This can make you feel tired. With the ambient back light, the change from really dark scenes to brighter scenes is less cumbersome and tiring.

How Much Does It Cost to Install and Set Up a Home Theater?

While all of these fun ideas and movie quotes certainly add fantastic plot twists to your home theater setup, you’re likely now wondering how to bring own your story to the screen. Cost is clearly a factor in your home theater design. Fortunately, our team members are masters at creating a story line with a good ending. Whether you need us to start at the beginning or the end or your story, we will customize it. We also ensure your final cut fits your budget.

To do this, we use a detailed process. Initially, we get to know you and your home with our free consultation. We examine the setting and your needs. After all, when thinking of a dedicated theater for your home, it’s important to consider the size and shape of the room, lighting placement, your speaker layout and your seating setup.

Then, we work to understand the characters (that would be you and your family!). Whether you’re interested in watching the latest movie release, or enjoying televised sporting events, we’ll help determine themes and designs that fit you best. To get some ideas, check out our examples of past home entertainment system projects in our gallery.

Finally, we draft a detailed outline that incorporates the steps we will take and the cost involved. This upfront pricing ensures that you have no surprises. We want to work within your budget, so that you will truly enjoy your home theater experience.

Today, fill out our form for your free consultation on home theater installation. Or, give us a call at 919-324-3592. After all, “There’s no place like home.” We look forward to help making that place even more spectacular with a fabulous home theater system!

Let the Credits Roll

Since we must give credit to all the quotes, here is the list of movies that provided a little fun to our article. Of course, DON’T PEEK at our credits until you’ve found and guessed the movie quotes first!

“Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Wizard of OZ
“There’s no place like home.” Wizard of OZ
“Go ahead, make my day.” Sudden Impact
“Elementary, my dear Watson.” The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
“Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!” The Jazz Singer
“I am big. It’s the pictures that got small!” Sunset Blvd
“After all, tomorrow is another day!” Gone with the Wind
“If it wasn’t for the mist, we could see the green light…” The Great Gatsby
“Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts.” Spider-Man 2
“…people who can relax, enjoy the sunset, hold hands at the end of the day… they’re the happy ones.” After the Sunset