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Home Automation Installation – Embracing New Technology

As technology progresses, so does desire for smart home control systems that embrace advanced features.  From video doorbells and thermostat control to interactive cameras and automated lighting and shades, options abound.   In fact, about the only difficult part of the process is choosing among all the home automation installation possibilities.  To help you make it through that first step, consider the opportunities technology offers to enhance your home.

Top 6 Devices that Smart Home Technology Controls

If you’re considering home automation installation then you probably wish to have systems to control multiple devices.  Among the top 6 are:

1.      Audio. Soak your home with sound and absorb yourself in your favorite tunes within any room in your house.  With audio distribution systems, you can access multiple sources of audio through keypads or remotes.

2.      Lighting.  Seamlessly control ambiance throughout your home with the touch of a button.  Replace rows of switches, knobs and keypads with one sleek touchscreen.  Better yet, Synergy Integrated Systems helps you customize lighting to fit various times of day.

3.      Shading.  Similar to lighting needs, automated shades open and close with the press of button.  Plus, we can program them to raise and lower based on time of day, temperature, room occupancy or season.

4.      Video.  Minimize the sources you need for every TV in your house.  Not only does this reduce clutter, it maximizes convenience.  Plus, it reduces cost of multiple cable boxes.  Keep in mind, Synergy takes your video desires to a whole new level with full home theater installation too!

5.      Security.  Strategically place cameras throughout your home.  Use a smart to device access their view from anywhere in the world.  Likewise, opt for our home surveillance services for extra peace of mind.

6.      Outdoor Areas.  Control lighting, sound, sprinkler systems and even your hot tub with smart home technology available!  Whether you wish to integrate features into an existing system or start from scratch, Synergy can help.

To get an even better idea of your choices, check out our smart home gallery of expertise!

Home Automation installation Options

Occasionally, homeowners wonder if they can install smart home devices themselves.  After all, some individual products are relatively user friendly.  However, that’s a key phrase – individual products.  Many systems on the market such as doorbells with cameras and lighting control work great on their own.  Unfortunately, many don’t work together.  Attempting to align these products is a task in itself.  Moreover, if you need technical expertise, you often find yourself stuck on the phone waiting for help.  At Synergy, you will always have the same core team working on your custom solutions.  Consequently, you will always be able to reach someone knowledgeable about your project when you call. 

Ultimately, you need a professional to automate your systems to create a truly smart home that fulfills multiple requirements.  At Synergy, we provide home control systems from Crestron, ELAN and URC Total Control.  Additionally, we have a NEST certified professional on staff. 

Better yet, you can control many of our systems on one, universal device.  In fact, the new ELAN 8 integrates voice control through Amazon Alexa as well.  This eliminates the need to have multiple apps and control switches to manage your connected home.

Of course, all this fabulous technology begs the question:  how much does it cost to install home automation?  Essentially, the short answer is as little, or as much, as you want it to depending on the scope of your project.  Local to the Raleigh area, Synergy offers an extensive line of products to meet your budget.  Furthermore, we provide a free consultation to go over options and pricing.  In fact, we will customize your home automation to adjust to your financial needs as well.

Today, complete our contact form to receive your free consultation and pricing estimate.  Or, give us a call at 919-324-3592!

Home Automation Systems Offer Smart Devices to Control Your Home

As technology improves, smart devices are popping up in homes across the globe. Not only do they provide an extra level of control for lighting and the like, they’re simply fun to use. However, that level of fun decreases a bit when these smart devices don’t work in tandem. For instance, one remote switches lighting level, while you must find another device to adjust sound. Perhaps, your smartphone connects to security. Then, another panel regulates exterior tasks. Eventually, keeping up with all of these different devices gets frustrating. At that point, it’s time to start thinking about home automation systems that integrate many of your control areas.

Types of Home Automation Systems

Initially, let’s consider all the systems that you can control in your home and narrow it down from there. In fact, you may be surprised at all the things home automation systems can do. Not only can you alter lighting and audio, you can manage other settings as well.

From inside your home or across the world, turn heating and cooling up or down and save on utilities. Likewise, lower or raise shades at will. Better yet, schedule it. Similarly, program landscape lighting and sprinkling systems to turn on. Or, warm up the spa and remove the automated cover so it’s ready and waiting for you! Furthermore, manage security features remotely. Lock doors and check on your home whenever you wish.

Synergy Integrated Systems offers these options and more with the innovative systems we offer. From Crestron to ELAN, these home automation systems make home control as easy as a touch of a button. In fact, the newest ELAN 8 software eliminates the need for multiple control panels and apps. When you wish to entertain or simply relax, the last thing you want to do is fumble for a device.

ELAN’s diverse smart devices include:

User Interfaces – With the approach of a hand, in-wall touch panels wake from sleep. Instantaneously, a seven-button keypad offers one touch access.

System Controllers – Coupled with brains and beauty, ELAN’s elegant controllers include the flagship gSC10 to the media room-ready g1.

Multi-Room Audio Video – Enjoy unprecedented multi-room control with the UltraMatrix™ series of A/V controllers. With the ability to carry HDMI, Ethernet, serial and IR signals, you get everything you need with a single cable.

4K HDMI Solutions – Finally, enjoy seamless, smart integration with true 4K HDMI solutions. Included are matrices, splitters, switchers, extenders and AV over IP. Plus, amps and surveillance incorporate into your system.

Calculating Costs

After feeling the excitement of all the great options home automation offers, minds tend to wander to installation cost. Fortunately, Synergy helps with that as well. Essentially, the final price depends on the scope of your project, equipment and devices you choose. To make it easier, we offer a free consultation to go over your budget and desires. During this time, we’ll help you narrow down your wish list. Or, expand it. Ultimately, it’s up to you. Moreover, we provide a fixed-price estimate. This is imperative to avoid unexpected costs.

Additionally, we believe in healthy competition. In the end, it serves us all well. With that in mind, Synergy provides non-compiled code of the system programming we write to each of our customers. Why does this matter? It means that you can feel confident down the road if you need enhancements or repairs. You will be free to check with other vendors. Of course, we hope that you will choose us thanks to our outstanding expertise and customer service!

If you’re interested in learning more about creating a smart home, contact us for a free consultation. Or, give us a call to schedule an appointment in our Raleigh showroom at 919-324-3592! Beforehand, be sure to check out our gallery of past projects!

Home Automation Wilmington NC – Smart Solutions for Wilmington Homeowners

As smart technology continues to transform our daily lives, the desire for home automation Wilmington NC solutions is increasing. Fortunately, so are your options. Notably, Synergy Integrated Systems is expanding its reach! Therefore, we are able to deliver our smart control systems and expertise directly to your Wilmington area home.

Enticing Elements of Home Automation

To truly embrace the excitement of our expansion, it helps to understand the elements of home automation. Likewise, grasping its versatility reveals how it can enhance your world, inside and outside, of your home. No longer is automation simply about controlling your thermostat or surround sound and lighting. While those are still important aspects and included in home automation, modern advancements enrich and far surpass these abilities.

Included in options that Synergy offers are:

  • Smart Lighting brightens to a whole new level with shade control and energy efficiency. Plus, intuitive systems turn lights on and off according to your schedule and needs.
  • Climate control includes a detailed history of energy consumption. Therefore, you can monitor usage and make informed decisions without opening a single utility bill!
  • Audio solutions range from wired to wireless. Flush mounted speakers blend effortlessly in any room allowing you to enjoy music while maintaining your home’s décor.
  • Video views vary to any room with whole home video distribution. One video switch controls it all. Moreover, without the need for multiple cable boxes, you save cost and minimize wires and clutter.
  • Outdoor options abound.Schedule sprinkling for your landscaping or heat up the hot tub and open the cover from your smart phone! When you arrive home, hop on in and enjoy the view!
  • Enhanced security seamlessly blends with existing systems.One interface allows users to view security with the touch of a button.

Additional Benefits

No matter what features you choose, recent trends indicate that security and smart control systems increase home value. Not only are millennials more comfortable with technology, they expect it. Now that many are entering the housing market, home automation is a wise investment.

Speaking of resale, if a new owner wishes to utilize a different provider, Synergy is completely open source. In other words, we provide you with a copy of the system programming in its most basic form. Thus, any capable home automation company can complete work on the system. Similarly, this provides security to you as well ensuring that you will receive competitive pricing on future requests and enhancements.

Home Automation Wilmington NC Contractors

Finally, to reap the best benefits of home automation Wilmington NC available, you need an elite contractor. Our team works diligently to maintain its A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Whether it’s during normal business hours, late hours or even weekends, we focus on making our customers happy. Consequently, we make sure that we are available when you need us.

Furthermore, Synergy provides custom solutions that allow you to control your home with the touch of a button. With systems from CrestronELAN and URC Total Control, we accommodate specific needs within your budget.

Recently, the Consumer Technology Association’s Mark of Excellence Award Program Committee recognized the new ELAN 8. Due to its powerful interface and voice control through Amazon Alexa, it won “2017 Human Interface Product of the Year”. This new software eliminates the need to have multiple apps to manage all aspects of the connected home. Better yet, it remembers your preferred actions and responds accordingly. Synergy is proud to offer installation of this innovative product.

View Products in Action

This intuitive system is one of many that Synergy offers. To see our work, check out our photo gallery or view some of our home automation devices. Then, contact us online for a free consultation and pricing estimate. Or, give us a call at 919-324-3592 to schedule an appointment and observe our gallery in person.

How Home Automation Systems Can Take Your Home to the Next Level

With the number of electronic devices in most modern homes, it can be almost impossible to keep up. What if you could control them all through one simple interface? That’s the power of home automation systems — sleek, integrated home electronics management. Synergy Integrated Systems can put that power in your hands!

What can we do for your home? Read on to find out.

Why Automate Your Home?

Today’s fully-equipped home likely has some or all of the following:

  • One or more sound systems
  • Two or more televisions
  • A security system and electronic locks
  • Several dozen lights and lamps
  • HVAC systems and a thermostat
  • Media storage systems
  • Sub-floor heating

These devices can be a headache when separately controlled. Synergy creates powerful home automation systems through a variety of state-of-the-art technologies. With home automation, it’s all at your fingertips with the push of a few buttons.

What Do Home Automation Systems Do?

In many ways, your home isn’t truly “smart” until it’s fully automated. Some of the major benefits of home automation include:

  • Many automation systems offer “scenes” that create an ambience from multiple devices. Your “Bedtime” scene, for example, might set a milder thermostat temperature, soft lighting, and some calming music or white noise. All with the push of one control button!
  • A good automation system can offer smart security. For example, many systems allow automation of light patterns while you’re on vacation to give the appearance that you’re at home.
  • Automated media systems are perfect for movie nights or game days. Control your ideal sound, lighting, and picture levels from your favorite smart device.
  • True home automation allows the atmosphere of your home to become a creative extension of yourself. It’s the ultimate tool for homemaking, decorating, family time and entertaining.

We created Synergy Integrated Systems to give Triangle homeowners the smart homes they deserve. Every day, we’re committed to doing just that.

Why Synergy is the Triangle’s Premier Name in Home Automation

If you’re like many Americans, your home is among your greatest treasures. Smart electronic devices are a key part of what makes your home a place you love. So, don’t trust it to anyone less than the best:

  • Synergy is an official dealer of top home automation brands such as Crestron and Elan. These brands are industry leaders who choose to work with us because of our reputation for excellence.
  • The Home Technology Association has certified Synergy as an organization with outstanding expertise, reputation, and transparency. This honor requires years of successful performance, professional endorsements, and clean code that’s available to the client.
  • Our professional coders create all of our code in-house, from the ground up. Every client gets a copy of their system’s source code for their peace of mind.
  • We hire no subcontractors and do all of our own work, which we stand behind 100%.
  • Our full range of services includes home theatercustom lighting, and much more.

For a more detailed look at what we can do for your home, check out our photo gallery and our customer testimonials.

From the thermostat to your security to your favorite ultra-HD TV, we can tie it all together. Take your home to the next level. Call 919-324-3592 or contact us online for a free quote and consultation! 

​Crestron Home Automation – The Control You Deserve

Crestron home automationIt is time to automate all of your home systems with the ease of one control. Make your home a smart home by integrating all of your technology. You can connect lighting, audio/video, heating and cooling, and so much more. The possibilities are endless as to how you use the Crestron home automation system to make your life easier.

Home automation is accessible from touch screens, keypads, smart devices and remotes. Moreover, it is not only easier but also safer and more energy-efficient. Enjoy the convenience of setting your alarm after leaving home. In addition, have alerts sent to you when there may be a potential problem. Save energy by setting schedules for lights and HVAC systems.

The Characteristics of Home Automation Systems

Automation – This refers to the capability of programming devices or setting schedules on such devices. You are able to program time-related controls, such as lights turning on before you arrive home from work. Music may set the mood for a party or gently wake you in the morning. Your energy costs will benefit from controlling temperatures for various times of the day and night. In addition, everyone will feel more secure by programming lights and locks according to a schedule, whether you are home or away.

Remote Control – Another beneficial aspect is the ability to remotely monitor and access the various systems in your home. With Crestron, you can use smart devices to view and control your home automation system. If there is a sudden change in weather, you can control your home temperature from miles away. Thus, your home will be comfortable when you arrive.

Why Choose Crestron Home Automation

When deciding on which home automation system to use, keep in mind these four qualities – reliability, expertise, simplicity and customer service. Those are all qualities that Crestron offers, backed by over 40 years of industry-leading experience. Teaming up with Synergy Integrated Systems for expert installation and top-level customer service makes your experience even more enjoyable.

You can count on Synergy to be there for you, even after the installation. They are available any time you have a question or want to make changes. Synergy proudly offers Crestron products because they are reliable and durable. Personalize your system by choosing only the components that your family needs and will use. You can easily upgrade this equipment as your lifestyle or home changes. The point of a home automation system is to simplify your life. That is why Crestron makes sure their products work seamlessly together. Synergy Integrated Systems has topnotch customer service. They pride themselves in around-the-clock friendly service. Moreover, the system programming is available to you, so that you are not completely dependent on one provider.

So, when you decide to make your life easier and connect all of your home systems, call Synergy Integrated Systems. They are the number one Crestron Authorized Dealer in the Triangle. Choosing the Crestron home automation system is a win-win for you and your home!

​Crestron Home Automation – Improving Your Lifestyle

Crestron home automationThough our homes may not yet have all the amenities featured on The Jetsons, we are certainly getting closer. Smart homes with interconnected devices are no longer far-fetched science fiction ideas. Right now, you may use a mobile device to control your TV, but what about your lighting? Crestron home automation will make your life a lot easier.

How Crestron home automation works

Think about how often you have to get up to turn a light on or off in your home. You probably do it dozens of times every day. But what if you did not have to leave your seat to do it? That is what Crestron offers. You can control every light in your home either through touch screens or your own smartphone or tablet. The Crestron Pyng® app makes it all possible.

Complete customization

Another excellent benefit of Crestron home automation is how you can program it for just what you need. For example, the “Wake” scene could do all of the following every morning. It will turn on the bedroom or bathroom lights, put on the news and turn up the heat. The “Movie Night” scene can lower the lights for optimal viewing. At the same time, it will adjust the sound and the window shades! With Crestron’s Pyng® app, there is limitless potential at your fingertips.

Many Crestron functions available

Crestron does not just allow you to control your lighting. As you can see by the examples given, there are also several other home automation functions. The system will let you control your shades and thermostat. In addition, you can also control your locks. Never again will you have to jump out of bed because you may have forgotten to lock a door.

Synergy Integrated Systems can get you set up with your own Crestron system

The newest technology has the capacity to make our lives a lot easier. If you are looking to add more convenience to your home, the Crestron system is the answer. To learn more about it, just get in touch with Synergy Integrated Systems. We will gladly answer all of your questions and give you a free consultation.

​Why Every Household Should Install Home Automation

home automationAlthough it may seem like a complex and confusing topic to understand, home automation is actually helping to simplify lives. What once seemed like a futuristic fantasy has become a realistic option that all homeowners now have the opportunity to enjoy. In this day and age, smart technology plays an integral part in the infrastructure of a home, and automation has become a feature that every household should embrace.

How Does Home Automation Work?

Home automation is designed to give homeowners complete control over the various devices and systems in their home, regardless of where the homeowner is located. This means you can access everything from your lights, appliances, and entertainment systems to your thermostats, sprinklers, and security equipment from anywhere in the house or anywhere in the world through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Automation will allow you to specifically program each device that’s connected to the network to follow your commands as desired. There are endless possibilities for ways you can use your system to make your life better overall.

Why Automation is a Must-Have Feature in Every Home

There are numerous reasons to install a home automation system. Here are some of the top benefits of having an automated home:

  • Convenience: There are probably many repetitive tasks you do around the house on a daily basis. Things like turning on your irrigation system, making a pot of coffee, and dimming the lights to watch your favorite TV shows can all be programmed to automatically happen with the simple push of a button when you have home automation.
  • Energy Savings: If you’re like most homeowners, there’s a good chance you spend quite a bit on utilities every month. This amount can be reduced substantially with home automation, since it allows you to turn lights off in unoccupied rooms or when you run out of the house and accidentally leave them on. You will also be able to adjust the thermostat accordingly when no one is home, or at bedtime, when you lower the temperature every night. You can also ensure that the house will be warm (or cool) when you arrive home.
  • Increased Home Security: Connecting your smart door locks, burglar alarm, surveillance cameras, and motion sensor lights to your automation network will significantly increase the safety and security of your home. You can make sure the doors are locked after you’ve left for the day and monitor your property any time of the day or night to be sure no one is lurking around.
  • Peace of Mind: Automation will give you peace of mind that your property and family are protected, even if you’re miles away. You can keep a close eye on things from any remote location as long as you have a mobile device and an internet connection.

Let Synergy Integrated Systems Take Care of All Your Home Automation Needs

Synergy Integrated Systems is the leading supplier of custom home automation solutions in the Raleigh area. Their skilled team of professionals has all the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully turn your household into a more comfortable and functional living environment. They will carefully evaluate your family’s unique needs to create a system that will include the most suitable features. They also work with nothing less than top industry brands, like Crestron and URC Total Control, to make sure their clients have the very best products on the market.

The Triangle’s Best Home Automation Solutions​

best home automationDay-to-day life in an upscale 21st-century home can sometimes feel like an endless jumble of remotes, screens, passwords, and control panels. Your home has the top-of-the-line features you’ve always dreamed of, so why do they sometimes feel like such a chore to use and maintain? Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could control them all with a few simple swipes and adjustments from your favorite smart devices?

At Synergy Integrated Systems, we believe that dream is possible because we build it every day. We’re a small local company serving the Raleigh area and beyond, who believe that enjoying the good life is easier when your systems are integrated. All control systems can be brought together into a seamless whole that’s built to your specifications and fully customized to enhance your life rather than adding hassles to it.

The Best Home Automation for All of Your Systems

Synergy Integrated Systems provides a wide variety of services for all of your home automation needs. From home theater to lighting to wireless networks, we’re ready to collaborate with you to get your home fully automated so you can truly enjoy it. These are just a few of the many areas where Synergy offers the best home automation available:

  • Home Theater: If you’re ready to add a home theater system, you owe it to yourself to have it custom designed for your house by home theater professionals. We build custom surround sound systems using the top brands, design noise dampening systems to preserve audio quality, and install top-of-the-line projector systems for watching your favorite movies or televised sports.
  • Intelligent Lighting Control: With the press of a button, gradually raise light levels all over your home in the morning, dim them at night, or have them ready when you get home from work. Our lighting systems eliminate ugly profusions of wall switches and dimmers in favor of elegant simplicity, save on electricity costs, and enhance home security.
  • Home Networking: To be able to enjoy the digital devices that enhance our lives, a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal is a must. Synergy can help you achieve total Wi-Fi coverage in your house, intelligently installing the best products available to eliminate pesky dead spots.

Custom Work That You Can Trust

Synergy recognizes that it’s a great honor to be invited into someone’s home and trusted with its inner workings, and it’s a responsibility that we take incredibly seriously. We carry full bonding and insurance, and all of our work is done in-house, with no outsourcing to other contractors. Synergy is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and is a member of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA).

We believe that the best home automation is always custom built. All of our programming work is custom-made from the ground up to the homeowner’s specifications, and none is outsourced to outside programmers. Even better, all of our coding is open-source, and any homeowner with a Synergy-built system receives the non-compiled code for their system. We believe our work speaks for itself and that our customers know best when it comes to choosing who they want to work on their home electronics systems in the future, even if it’s one of our competitors.

Our small company size ensures that the people working on your project are never more than a phone call away, and we give only fixed-price estimates rather than piling on open-ended hourly fees that can turn troubleshooting into an expensive proposition. We know that any company that works in people’s homes lives on its reputation as an honest and trustworthy partner, and we strive every day to maintain our clients’ utmost confidence.

If you’re ready to take the next step in automating your dream home so that you can fully enjoy it, come meet our team or check out our photo gallery for examples of how we’ve enhanced our clients lives by offering the best home automation in the Research Triangle and beyond.

Why Crestron Home Automation is Best Control Solution

crestron home automationSmart homes are no longer a concept of the future. The demand for home automation continues to grow daily as more and more homeowners realize the advantages of upgrading their living environments to include the most advanced technology available. This means the market is becoming increasingly saturated with home control options, making it a challenge to know which system to choose. However, there are many good reasons installers and end users all over the world prefer Crestron home automation over any other brand. The company has remained one of the most popular and reputable names in the industry since first introducing its products more than four decades ago.

Reasons to Consider Crestron

The home control system you select should be suitable for your living space and lifestyle. Although Crestron home automation will bring value to any property, it’s especially beneficial to homeowners that relate to the following considerations.

  • You Have a Large Home: Crestron products are some of the most powerful on the market. Larger homes that have several audio zones, televisions, and video sources will get the best performance out of a Crestron system. User-friendly touch panels make it easy to control everything in the house from one central location.
  • You Want a System You Can Build On: Regardless of what your smart home needs are right now, you may find that they will change over time. If you want a home automation system that can grow and adapt to your future requirements, Crestron can provide that. It’s not difficult to add on to existing systems, and software updates are offered from time to time to improve performance or introduce new features.
  • You Want a Customized Solution: With Crestron, you have the ability to customize your system more than with any other platform. User interfaces can be designed to fit your preferences and personality, and special features can be added according to your unique needs.

Why Crestron Home Automation Products Lead the Industry in Quality & Performance

As one of the oldest home control solutions available to consumers, Crestron has built a solid reputation for offering products that exemplify convenience and luxury. Crestron home automation is known for taking complicated technologies and simplifying them for anyone to use easily. They are constantly updating their systems for better efficiency of operation. With one installation, the company gives you the capability to have power over your entertainment, security, lighting, shades, and climate. Commands can be given from anywhere in the home, or with mobile access from a remote location using any handheld device.

Synergy Integrated Systems is the Number One Crestron Dealer in the Raleigh Area

The key to getting the most out of your Crestron home automation system is working with the right installer. It’s imperative that you choose an authorized Crestron dealer to complete your installation so you can have peace of mind that your investment is in good hands. This is why homeowners in Raleigh and surrounding areas, including the NC coast, turn to the smart home professionals at Synergy Integrated Systems. As a certified and experienced Crestron installer, they know how to set up systems that will last and be ready to evolve along with your needs.

How URC Total Control Provides Full Command of a Home

urc total controlBy now, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of total home control and the vast improvements this type of technology is making in households all over the world. As homes get smarter, life gets easier, which makes the investment into home automation well worth every penny. Being in full command of your living environment will help you reduce energy consumption, enhance security, and increase the overall convenience of day-to-day tasks.

As an industry-leading brand known for its user-friendly home automation systems and controls, URC Total Control provides the opportunity to take charge of everything in your home with the simple push of a button. Customized solutions make it easy to address the unique needs of your family and property.

Reap the Rewards of URC Total Control’s High Quality Product Line

URC Total Control offers a full line of products that are designed to give you complete power over your household operations. From entertainment and lighting to security and climate, you can benefit in many different ways from installing home automation equipment.

  • Controllers: All of the controllers made by URC will give you the ability to regulate your entertainment or whole-home automation without any challenges. They will receive your commands from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet.
  • User Interfaces: URC Total Control offers a wide selection of user interfaces to choose from, including handheld remotes, apps, keypads, and dedicated touchscreens. This variety allows consumers to pick the products that will best complement their lifestyle. Whichever device(s) you use, this is what will enable you to monitor the status of each feature that is connected to the home automation system and subsequently control them in an instant.
  • Audio/Video: Regardless if you have a standard TV setup or a home theater with surround sound, you deserve to be able to change your audio and video sources without the hassle of multiple remote controls. URC makes this a reality by centralizing all entertainment commands on one device.
  • Lighting: With URC’s lighting control, you will never have to worry about leaving a light on in an unoccupied room again or coming home to complete darkness. You also get to decide how bright you want each room to be as you create the perfect ambiance based on mood or occasion.
  • Climate: Keep your living space at the temperature you prefer year-round with minimal effort. Utilize URC Total Control to adjust the indoor climate throughout the day and ensure your air conditioning or heat is at an appropriate level when no one is home.
  • Surveillance/Security: Home automation will provide peace of mind that your family’s safety is in control. Set your alarm system, lock the doors, and keep a watchful eye on your property from any remote location. It’s also beneficial to be able to make it look like someone is home while you’re away on vacation with your ability to remotely control the lighting, indoor and outside.

Synergy Integrated Systems is North Carolina’s Top Authority on URC Total Control

As an authorized URC Total Control dealer, Synergy Integrated Systems has access to all the company’s outstanding products. Our team specializes in home automation customization and installation, ensuring that all of our customers in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas get the best service for their investment. We are your number one source for the latest in URC technology and always available for estimates, guidance as to the best equipment for your home and lifestyle and responsive, friendly customer service.