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DIY Network’s Popular Show Mega Decks Filming in Raleigh, North Carolina

Local Company, Synergy Integrated Systems, Helping Equip Deck With Innovative Technology Features

MegaDecks Behind the Sceens RaleighRaleigh, NC, May 05, 2016 –(– The DIY Network’s show Mega Decks is currently constructing its first-ever mega deck on the East Coast, filming the show over 12 weeks in Raleigh, North Carolina. Based in Colorado, the show remodels and modernizes outdoor decks to create a luxurious space for homeowners to relax from the comfort of their own backyards. Mega Decks host, Garth Hystad, is overseeing the project, which with the help of Raleigh-based Synergy Integrated Systems, will create a smart deck complete with innovative, technologically advanced features.

The deck is approximately 1,000 square-feet on the lower deck and 1,000 square-feet on the upper deck and will be surrounded in optimal glass and feature skylights. In addition, it will have a state of the art AV system including a 120-inch projection system and dolby Atmos surround sound. Automation features include control of lights, fans, music and video from the convenience of a mobile device. This unique, fully custom mega deck will be an addition to the home of Synergy owners, Michelle and Aaron Vedder.

Construction began on March 10, 2016, and the project will be showcased on the Mega Decks show, which is set to air on May 24.

“Raleigh, and the Triangle region of North Carolina, in general, are recognized internationally as hubs for innovation and creativity,” said Hystad. “This is a great opportunity for Mega Decks to continue to grow, and we are excited to bring our work to the East Cost for the first time in the show’s history.”

“We are very excited to work with Garth and the entire Mega Decks team to create something so unique in Raleigh,” said Michelle Vedder, vice president and co-founder of Synergy Integrated Systems. “We look forward to seeing the finished project and experiencing how the various technology solutions seamlessly combine with the overall aesthetic design of the deck.”

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About Mega Decks:
Mega Decks is a television program on HGTV’s DIY Network featuring designer decks created by Colorado Custom Decks and Mosaic Outdoor Living and Landscapes, a Colorado Springs-based design and build firm. The Mega Decks team creates stunning transformations that break the mold of backyard living and transform houses into dream homes, complete with one-of-a-kind fire features, entertainment systems and kitchens that rival a five-star restaurant. For more information, please visit

About Synergy Integrated Systems:
Synergy Integrated Systems is a local, family-owned business that is proud to be the Triangle’s premier custom integrator. The company specializes in custom audio/video design and installation, home automation, and home theater design and installation for both existing homes and new construction, offering products from Crestron, URC Total Control and many other brands. With its integrated technology systems, Synergy seamlessly blends form and function in order to easily control most aspects of any room. For more information, please visit


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How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Audio

When it comes to home audio systems, you want to make certain you get your money’s worth. Whether you’re putting in a brand new system or planning to upgrade the one you have, the following suggestions from Synergy Integrated Systems in Raleigh, NC will ensure you get the most out of your investment.


Work With a Home Audio Pro

There are many variations of audio distribution and surround sound systems on the market, making it difficult to know exactly what you’re getting if you try to pick something out on your own. You can do extensive research on certain brands, but chances are, you’ll end up even more confused than when you started and unable to get all the answers you need. Working with a home audio pro will take your project to a whole new level and save you a lot of time and headache. The experts at Synergy Integrated Systems can help you create an arrangement that will allow your favorite music to be heard anywhere in the house or put together a home theater with audio that provides the ultimate movie experience.


Buy Matching Speakers

Many people buy mismatched speakers to save money, but if you want a top performing system, it’s better not to go this route. Every manufacturer makes their speakers differently, therefore generating a sound that’s unique to the brand. Speakers that are perfectly in tune with one another will carry the same sounds uniformly through the system to reach your ears instead of changing the audio slightly each time it hits a new speaker.


Find the Perfect Spot for Your Speakers

The key to great home audio is speaker placement. If you want to receive sound throughout your entire home, a specialized audio distribution system is just what you need. Mounted speakers can be installed to blend in with any room. This allows you to access numerous audio sources in various areas of your home by using a remote control or keypad.  So, no matter which room you might be in, you can get your audio delivered straight to you. In home theaters with surround sound, it’s best to go for symmetry when thinking about speaker placement. Ideally, the two front speakers should be positioned the same distance away from your main seating and the center speaker centered with the TV. The back speakers can go on the rear wall matching the same angle as the front ones.


Pair Speakers with Your Amplifier

Pairing your speakers correctly with your amplifier is important, as this will determine how hard your amp has to work. The amplifier is in charge of driving your speaker sounds at a safe and effective rate that won’t damage the speakers. The louder you like to listen to your audio, the more impedance you should look for in speakers, so it can accommodate for this without putting your amp at risk, because it’s outputting more power than it’s made for.


Don’t waste your time with a home audio system you’re not going to be completely satisfied with. Talk with a Synergy Integrated Systems professional in Raleigh for quality equipment and expert guidance.

6 Quick Home Theater Design Tips

One of the best parts of owning a home is creating a personal oasis. In the greater Raleigh area, you have an amazing variety of resources to create a truly welcoming home. You can add whatever features to your home that will make you, your family and your friends feel comfortable and relaxed. You can build a basketball court in the backyard, add a swimming pool, install a hot tub on the deck, or turn your basement into a home theater.


Many homeowners love the idea of creating a home theater in their basement or garage, but often don’t know where to turn. Home theater design can be expensive, especially when you don’t have any experience with the electronics involved. Luckily, in the greater Raleigh area, Synergy Integrated Systems is there to guide you through the process. We would like to offer six home theater design tips to make your project run smoothly.


Target Audience


Before embarking on a home theater design project, you’ll need to sit down and decide who your target audience is. Your home theater may be a getaway for you and your spouse. The theater may be more for the children and their friends. You could be creating a den to watch scary movies, or you may enjoy inviting a crowd over to watch sporting events.


The biggest home theater design tip we have for you is to have a plan. Decide who you’re creating the theater for and then design your room with that group in mind. Avoid clumping too many ideas together.


High-Tech Lighting


Once you know what type of theater you want, you’ll want to focus on high-tech lighting. Lighting will play a large role in your home theater design. One of the best ways to light your theater is by recreating the lighting at a real movie theater. Recessed lighting also works well in intimate theaters.


Platform Seating


Home theater design is a personal choice. You may be creating a theater for a couple of people or 8-12 individuals. If you’re trying to create a larger private theater, then one of the best home theater design tips we can offer you is platform seating. Platform seating allows your theater to offer better viewing angles and more seating. Platform seating is also an excellent choice for individuals using their home theater to watch sporting events.


Avoid Exposed Wiring


No matter what you’re using the space for – you’ll want to avoid exposed wiring like it’s the plague. Nothing kills the vibe of a home theater design more than exposed wiring visible in many places. The best practice in this situation is to hide the wires in the wall. This often means using a professional installer.


Don’t Look Up


There’s a reason no one likes to sit in the front of the movie theater. Imagery drastically changes when you’re looking up at a screen. It’s vital to make sure you’re not looking up at a screen in your home theater. The easiest home theater design tip to combat this issue is platform seating. However, you can also install your screen at a lower eye level to ensure a crisp picture from all seats.


Windows are the Enemy


If possible, you’ll want to create your home theater in a room without windows. Bright, natural light is the enemy of a stunning screen in your home theater. Even a drop of light can destroy a beautiful display. If a room with windows is your only home theater design option – make sure you invest in the best blackout shades you can afford.


Home Theater Design in Raleigh


If you’re planning to install a home theater in the Raleigh area, we want you to reach out. Here at Synergy Integrated Systems, we specialize in creating the best home theaters for your needs. Working with some of the leading brands in the industry, we strive to create superior home theater systems that are easy to use. Our experienced professionals can help you create the perfect venue in your home. Take advantage of their knowledge as to the latest home theater design and electronics available today. When making this investment, you don’t want to purchase equipment that isn’t exactly right for your theater. You can reach us at:


Phone: 919-324-3592



As well – feel free to make an appointment to have a demo of the theater in our showroom at:

11205 Jonas Ridge Lane

Raleigh, NC, 27613

What do Home Theater Systems Need?

If you’re thinking about installing a home theater in your home, then a number of questions will often come up. Home theater systems include numerous components and can be difficult to understand for those of us who aren’t technologically savvy. The good news is that putting together a great system can be a pleasant experience, if you seek some professional guidance and expert installation.


The primary goal, when creating home theater systems, is to combine (within your budget) the best picture you can find with engaging surround sound. Once you have these two bases covered, the other aspects of your system should fall into place. These are the other aspects that you need to consider…


All home theater systems require these components (excluding furniture):




Another of the important aspects of home theater systems is the screen. You must have a gorgeous picture at the center of your theater. The whole point of a theater is watching the screen. Modern TVs offer incredible picture and some even offer a 3D experience. We are used to high-quality video in our normal TV viewing, so it is important to have the same or better quality in a home theater.


Video Sources


Now that you have an amazing screen for your home theater system, you’ll need excellent video sources. This means you’ll want a Blue-ray player and HDTV programming source or a projector. Don’t skimp on your video sources.


Home Theater Receiver


To enjoy surround sound, you’ll want to have a home theater receiver. This receiver will serve as the control center for all your audio. You can also use the receiver to manage video for home theater systems. Connecting multiple sources of video, like a Blue-ray player, an HDTV cable box, and video game consoles to your receiver will allow you to switch quickly between sources.



Speakers and Subwoofer


If you want to recreate the experience you find in a movie theater, you’ll want surround sound and a subwoofer in your home theater system.  Speaker placement is vital to sound quality in your theater.  Leave it to the professionals at Synergy Integrated Systems to do a room analysis to determine the best place for your equipment for optimal sound and enjoyment.   Contact us to learn how to create a Dolby Atmos home theater and enjoy the best audio quality at home.


Cables Galore


With all the different electronics in your home theater, you’ll find a number of speakers important to your experience. Speaker cables, audio cables and video cables are all important aspects of home theater systems’ setup. High quality cables can also result in improved picture and sound throughout your home. You will also want to plan the best way to hide or camouflage the cables, so that they don’t ruin the ambiance of your theater.


Universal Remotes


With a screen, multiple speakers, a subwoofer, a Blue-ray player, an HDTV source, and many other components – home theater systems require a universal remote to manage everything.


Surge Protection


Home theater systems are bound to be a significant investment, therefore, you’ll want to protect the system with a surge protector. Lightning strikes and power surges can wreak havoc on your system. A surge protector is an easy solution to ensure that you avoid disaster.


Internet Connection


You may have installed a Smart TV in your home theater. You may have a video game console that hooks up to the internet. Or maybe you just want to connect your computer to the screen sometimes. As such, you’ll want a working internet connection for your home theater system.


It doesn’t have to be confusing…


If you feel overwhelmed just reading about the numerous parts of home theater systems, you may not want to install one yourself. Don’t worry! If you’re in the Raleigh area – we have you covered. Here at Synergy Integrated Systems, we are the home theater systems specialist. Contact us for your complimentary consultation today.


Phone: 919-324-3592



As well -feel free to make an appointment to have a demo of the theater in our   showroom at:


11205 Jonas Ridge Lane

Raleigh, NC, 27613

Home Automation is No Longer a Futuristic Vision

At one time or another you have probably watched a movie or TV show that took place in the future. While there may have been flying cars or robots, there is a good chance that some cool tech was used in someone’s home. This may have included voice activation or Jetson’s-like food preparation or perhaps someone using one device to control everything in the house. At the time you saw these things, they probably seemed very farfetched. And even though we are still at least a few years away from certain amenities, some of those futuristic elements are available right now, such as having total control of several features in your home with a single device. Welcome to the world of home automation. Think about everything in your home that is powered by electricity. There are quite a few things, right? Home automation allows you to control most of them with one remote or even your own smartphone or tablet.


What is Included in a Home Automation System?


If entertainment is important to you, you surely have a TV, cable box, and DVD or Blu-Ray player. On top of that, you may also have a projector for movies and audio equipment with speakers. How many different remotes do you need for all of those things? A home automation system reduces the clutter and confusion by allowing you to control everything with one device. That makes things a lot simpler for everyone. In addition to visual entertainment, a home automation system also lets you control your music. No matter where you are in your home, you will be able to determine what is playing as well as the volume levels.


A home automation system can also make your life much easier in several other areas. Now is the time of year when heating bills can go through the roof. And while you may try to be as diligent as you can when it comes to reducing the heat you use, it can be difficult to stay on top of things all the time. But your home automation system can help immensely. You will have total control of the temperature in your home no matter where you are. Perhaps when you leave to go to work and the house is empty, you try to make sure to lower the temperature. But what happens if you forget? Now an empty house is being heated, which is a big waste of both energy and money. With a home automation system, you will never have to worry about this. From your desk at work you can monitor the temperature in your home and make any necessary changes. Plus, when you are on your way home, you can turn the heat up so you do not walk into a refrigerator.



Are you interested in home automation? Synergy Integrated Systems can set you up with a top-of-the-line system by Crestron or URC Total Control that will make it seem like your home is right out of the future.


Learn How a Crestron Dealer Can Improve You Home’s Lighting



When it comes to comfort in your home, there are many things you can do to enhance it. Something that is often overlooked is lighting control and home automation.  Many of the items in your home can be integrated together to allow you to have easier control over them. This includes your TV and stereo, thermostat, and lighting.   All can be controlled from a phone, tablet or single remote.


Crestron is an industry leader in home automation and lighting control solutions and Synergy is your authorized dealer in the triangle that will design a system to suit your exact needs.

A Crestron system can improve the lighting in your home in many ways, including:


Energy Savings


A Crestron system lets you have complete control over the lighting in your entire home. You will be able to always know which lights are on and where. Just using a keypad or your own smart device, you will be able to turn those lights on and off. Another great feature of Crestron is the dimming capability. Typical lights have an on/off feature. The only way you save energy is when they are turned off. However, with dimming, you can keep lights on, but cut back on the amount of energy used. Not only will you be helping the environment, this could end up saving you quite a bit of money as well.




When you talk to a Crestron dealer, you will discover that home automation is ideal for security. A dark home is always a potential risk for a burglary. But Crestron allows you to program your lights to turn on at specific times. You can even install motion sensors for not only the outside of your home, but for individual rooms inside.




Last but certainly not least, a Crestron system adds a new level of comfort to your home. If you like adding a bit of ambiance when you watch movies or TV shows, it can be a pain going around turning off the lights. You will never have to do that again with Crestron. With one touch of a button, you can dim or turn the lights off in the room and get ready for the show to start.


If you are ready to improve your security and comfort while saving energy and money, a Crestron system is for you, and Synergy Integrated Systems has what you need. We are the leading Crestron dealer in the Raleigh-Durham area and



The Essence of Control with a URC Total Control System

Technology has come a long way and it is beginning to be more visible in the way that we live in our homes. URC Total Control or Universal Remote Control, allows you to control everything in your room or even in your home. From audio to video to lighting to climate to security and more, a home that is set up with this type of control, makes using the technology more efficient and convenient. When you are adding technology, a URC is essential to making the most of it.


While most people have to get up to change the thermostat, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. With URC Total Control, you have the ability to change the temperature of your home from your bed, the kitchen, or even from your car. Turn on the heat or the air conditioning with just a press of a button on your control panel or mobile device to make any part of the home more comfortable for you and your family.


How often do you forget to turn the security back on when you go to bed at night? If you are like most people, this is a common occurrence. Imagine being able to reset your security from the comfort of your bed or the couch with a URC Total Control. This will ensure that you use it more regularly, as it makes it simple to use no matter where you are in your home to keep you and your family safe.


When you plan to save energy or turn lights on for someone coming home late, you could get up to turn lights on or off, but why would you? With a URC panel, you have complete control of all the lights in your home. An experienced automation systems company can offer you the ability to control all of the lights inside and outside of your home with a simple to operate control system.

Audio and Video

Having a URC Total Control system usually means that you will include your audio and video. With a whole house speaker system, you are in control, with a remote that allows you to adjust and select the music and video systems in all areas of your home. This system will allow you to adjust the volume, no matter what part of your home you are in. This is ideal for an outdoor area that you have equipped with speakers for that extra touch of ambiance when you are entertaining, or just enjoying a quiet meal on the patio with the family.

A URC Total Control system is technology that most new homes include. It is essential that you use a professional installation company, since there are many components that must work together. Synergy Integrated Systems is your source for a URC Total Control System, as well as other home automation technology. Give them a call for more information about how to automate your home. Their experts will guide you to the appropriate equipment for your requirements.

A Guide to Home Audio Speakers

Synergy Integrated Systems’ customers have a vast array of choices in home audio speakers, from top high-end brands to value-priced models, if you need to install a large amount of speakers for distributed audio through a large home.

It can be difficult to make a decision about a whole home sound system. After all, you and your family will be living with for the sound for decades. You want speakers that will give you the quality you expect, whether you are a true audiophile or just want music in the family room so the kids can hold impromptu dance parties.

Our Brands

Synergy Integrated Systems carries home audio speakers from Crestron, Episode, JBL, Leon, Origin Acoustics, Revel, Triad and James.


Home automation powerhouse Crestron Electronics offers more than just smart home systems. The company carries three lines of loudspeakers for distributed audio throughout a residence: Essence, Aspire, and Excite. Paired with the Crestron Sonnex multi-zone audio distribution solution, these speakers will fill your home with the sound of music. The Air line of outdoor speakers can also bring the music to your patio, deck, or swimming pool.


The Episode Signature 1300 series offers high quality, whole home sound for distributed audio systems, home theater applications and more. The 1500 and 1700 series are best suited for home theater systems and the listening rooms of audiophiles, although any home audio speakers in the Signature line can provide the sound quality that discerning music-lovers desire.

JBL Speakers

JBL, a trusted name in commercial audio, car audio and more, manufactures high-quality, value-priced home audio speakers that deliver the sound quality you’d expect from such a reputable brand.


Leon’s high-fidelity speakers have been a trusted choice for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts for more than 15 years. The loudspeaker lines are designed to complement each other, giving homeowners in-wall, on-wall, in-ceiling and bookshelf choices to create the sound they want in any room.

Origin Acoustics

With three lines of high quality whole home audio speakers in more than 40 varieties, Origin Acoustics has the products you need to bring high quality sound to every room of your home, as well as your backyard and entryway. With an ultra-fine perforation pattern, paintable grille, and thin outer bezel, the speakers are designed to blend in with any home’s décor.


The Concerta2, launched at the 2015 CES show, is the latest in the Revel line of speakers, Revel manufactured by Harman. With so many choices and options available in the Harman family of products, your Synergy rep can help you select the speakers that are best for your application.


Triad recently renamed its Omni line of speakers as “Satellites,” making improvements in the speakers’ design for better sound quality, increased output, and better definition. Satellite speakers are custom made in Portland, Oregon, and built to the specifications we require for your project, you can also get color-matching for any décor.

James Loudspeakers

With patented quad-tweeter technologies, James Loudspeakers provide superior high-fidelity audio for any home application. Whether you need in-wall, in-ceiling or outdoor speakers to bring music to every area of your home, your Synergy rep will help you select the right combination of custom-designed speakers to offer the audio experience you and your family want.

Choosing Home Audio Speakers

Reading reviews, talking to other families with a distributed audio system, and asking your Synergy dealer lots of questions can help you make the right choice in home audio speakers. But nothing beats listening to the sound quality and timbre of the speakers you have in mind. Stop by the Synergy showroom to demo our loudspeaker lines and choose the system that’s best for your family.

Home Theaters: Visit Our Showroom for a Private Demo!

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to recline in the luxurious leather seats of a custom-designed home theater, watching the action movie of your choice unfold on a screen larger than any you’ve ever seen in a home? Not everyone has had this experience. Those who do, often leave their surroundings with a new appreciation for home theaters, and the comfort, quality and family bonding time that home theaters can afford.

When you’re ready to take the leap into the elite world of owners of custom home theaters, you may not know where to start. What components will suit you best? Two-piece projection systems, LED flat screen, or the latest in display technology, a giant, curved OLED?  What sources do home theaters need? And how can you control your home theater’s systems seamlessly? This is where a custom electronics professional like Synergy Integrated Systems of Raleigh-Durham, can help. We are proud to be Raleigh’s premier source for home theaters and home automation systems.

In-Home Consultation

We frequently visit the homes of our clients to see the space available, discuss décor choices, and get a good feel for what the homeowner prefers in terms of color, style, and furnishing. Is the home thoroughly modern, where the technology of a home theater system can be showcased? Is the home traditional?  Does the home owner want the technology hidden and the old-world style of a classic theater replicated, right down to the red velvet curtains? What is the family looking to do in the space? How many seats do they need? A visit to the home and an in-depth discussion with the homeowners reveals the answers to all these questions, so we can design and specify home theater systems that fulfill your expectations and desires.

A Visit to Our Showroom

If you want to see today’s home theater technology in action, a visit to our Raleigh showroom may be in order. Here, you can demo speaker lines from the various manufacturers we carry, use a Crestron touch screen or URC remote control to see just how easy they are to work, and get hands-on with most of the technology that you may want us to integrate into your home.

We know you have choices in home theaters in Raleigh. That’s why we want you to know exactly what our showroom means to us. A custom integrator with a showroom is a bit different than the proverbial “guy with a truck,” not-so-affectionately known in the industry as a trunk slammer. Anyone can set up a website and call themselves an integration firm. An actual showroom, however, shows we’ve made a substantial investment in our business, from the real estate to the products, to the time it takes to staff our showroom.

If you’re on the fence about home theaters, want to learn more about the technology or are shopping around for the best audiovisual integration firm, our showroom is the perfect place to discuss home theaters. A visit to our showroom gives you an opportunity to get to know our team before inviting us into your home. We understand. We welcome the opportunity to “wow” you with our service, skills, and most importantly, the end results of our expertise in designing and installing home theaters, before we enter your estate.

If you’re considering home theaters and want to learn more about your choices, call us today. In order to give every customer the attention they deserve, our showroom visits are by appointment only.

Home Theater Systems: LED or Projection Screen?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to components in home theater systems. Universal Remote Control (URC) or Crestron control system? 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound? What sort of seating should you choose? And the big question that establishes the entire look of your room: Do you want an HD or 4K LED TV or a two-piece projection system?

Specialists in home theater systems, the pros at Synergy Integrated Systems can help you decide what’s best for your family and your budget. Let’s explore the reasons you may choose a two-piece projection system over an LED screen or vice versa.

LED Screens: Bright Picture Even in High Ambient Light

When people imagine home theater systems that use projection screens, they often think about a dark room with theater-style seating.

If you’re aiming for a more flexible seating environment, where some of your guests may be sitting to the side of the screen, an LED screen might offer a better picture from any viewing angle.

Likewise, if you plan to use your home theater systems in high ambient light, an LED will perform better in many cases. However, if a home theater specialist positions the lighting in the right way relative to the projector, a projection system can also provide a bright, bold, crystal clear image in high ambient light.

Projection Systems: A High-End Look with a Lower Price

Two-piece projection systems, which consist of a projector and a screen, provide a look more reminiscent of a night at the movies. Some people prefer the softer angles and the color reproduction from a projector and screen.

Electric screens can make your home theater systems vanish from view when you’re not using them, a great feature in a room where aesthetics may be important. You can do the same thing with an LED screen, but this requires more custom design elements that can drive up the price of your home theater systems.

In general, a projector and screen offers more bang-for-the-buck, inch-for-inch, in home theater applications. A 100-inch-plus screen and ultra-bright projector costs less than an 80-inch LED screen in many cases. If you want a 4K LED, or a curved monitor, or other special features, you’ll pay even more for an LED.

Choosing Home Theater Systems with the Look You Want

Ultimately, the choice between LED or projection screens in home theater systems comes down to your personal preference. Do you want the look of a traditional theater? Or do you want an 80-inch LED to provide the perfect media focal point?

The home theater specialists at Synergy can use soffits to hide projectors. We can tuck all other audio visual components into an equipment closet, so the screen will take center stage as people notice the décor of your room, not the technology.

Whether you’re using the screen for video games, family movie night, sports viewing or broadcast TV, either option provides clear images up to 4K resolution, with a sleek, modern design that blends into the room’s architecture. Let the pros at Synergy Integrated Systems help you choose all the best components for your home theater systems.