Choosing a Home Theater System for Music and Movies

home theater system For most families, a home theater system serves a dual function of playing music and movies. Choosing the right system is necessary to optimize your music listening as well as movie watching. Each activity requires something different. It all depends on the sound, so you need the right mix of speakers for your system. Here are some considerations for a home theater system that will play both music and movies.

Music vs Movie Sound

While there is some recorded music available in a multi-channel format, most music today is compressed and made available in stereo. This means that much of the deep bass sounds are removed from the music. The subwoofer in a home theater system is primarily delivering the low-frequency sounds that are not particularly necessary for music listening.

Movie sound is multichannel. The sound may be distinct and point-sourced or atmospheric in nature. Dialogue is usually mixed to the center channel. The sounds in movies encompass a wide dynamic range from low to high. The soundtracks of most movies require a high volume capability with deep bass satisfied with surround sound.

Once you determine your habits and which takes priority, music or movies, you can select the home theater system right for you. If you primarily listen to music, you want a system that delivers accurately pitched and controlled sound. The music listener is more discerning because the sound quality enhances the music listening experience.

Those that watch movies much more than listening to music won’t be as critical of the sound’s accuracy. The sound is more of a support for the video so the attention is not so much focused on shortcomings related to sound. While most home theaters serve as both movie and music systems, it would be beneficial to choose a system based on what kind of sound you prefer.Speaking with the experts at Synergy will help you decide, since they can recommend the speakers and systems that are best for your individual needs.

Choosing a Home Theater System

Room size is a major consideration in choosing a home theater system. If the space is larger than 700 square feet, you want full-size speakers with a full range, providing audio distinguished with a powerful amplifier. A surround sound system is capable of filling a larger space with sound and giving you the experience of a movie theater. For smaller rooms, a small satellite/subwoofer speaker system and a receiver should be adequate for movies and music without overwhelming the room.

Whether you want to relax to some music or gather with friends for the latest blockbuster movie, Synergy Integrated Systems provides a vast range of products for your home theater system. As a family-owned and customer-focused business, we offer a complete service. We can design, provide, and install your home theater system.

Our design team will assess the space, including size, lighting, and your preferences, to recommend a system that is appropriate for your home. Synergy offers high-quality receivers from Denon, Integra, and Marantz. We also offer a comprehensive range of speaker lines including JBL, Crestron, Episode, Leon, Revel, Triad, Origin Acoustics, and James Loudspeaker. With professional installation, you will enjoy home entertainment in no time. Contact us today for a free consultation.