Choosing the Right TV for a Home Theater installation in Raleigh NC

home theater installation in raleigh ncThe area in and around Raleigh NC is becoming a hub for technical companies and with that, the homes in the area are being upgraded by the employees of those companies. The more you understand the technical advancements being made in home automation and entertainment, the more you want a smart home with all of the latest equipment. Home theater installation in Raleigh NC is increasing every year. A well-designed home theater gives the ultimate audio and visual entertainment experience. By choosing the right components, it is easy to recreate the feel of a movie theater in your home. A major component of your home theater installation is the TV. Here are some considerations to make sure you choose the right TV for your installation and your home.

Display Size

The size of your home theater and how far people will sit from the screen will determine the screen size. The recommended viewing distance is 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 times the TV screen size. By measuring the screen diagonally from the bottom right corner to the top left corner, you can find the size. For example, if you have a 60-inch screen, you want to sit between 7.5 and 12.5 feet away. If you can see the pixels in the picture, you are too close to the screen.

Screen Types

The lighting in your room will determine the best screen type to choose. A proper match of TV screen type to the lighting will lessen eye strain.

  • Plasma screens are best in dark rooms. They offer excellent contrast and a wide viewing angle. The smoother motion of this screen type is good for watching sports. The larger the size, the more cost effective this option will be.
  • For bright rooms, LCD screens are great choices. For higher quality and less power consumption, LED LCD screens are an option.
  • OLED screens offer the highest picture quality, but is an expensive option.
  • Curved-screens provide a wraparound cinematic effect.
  • A projector gives you the largest picture. It works great in rooms that can be made totally dark. The video is projected on a wall and you have the ability to change the size of the screen. A distance of 12-15 feet between the projector and the wall will give you the best viewing results.

Picture Resolution

The display resolution of a TV refers to the number of pixels displayed in an on-screen picture. The higher the resolution, the higher the number of pixels. This translates to a higher quality picture with better clarity and color. The larger your TV screen, the more important the resolution is. A 1080p used to be the high standard and called full HD or high definition. The ‘p’ refers to the number of pixels from top to bottom on the edge of the screen. Now, with the Ultra HD 4K resolution, pictures achieve four times the resolution of full HD.

Other technology

Smart TVs are integrated with the internet and web 2.0. Most of the high end TVs are smart TVs. With a variety of capabilities, you can access streaming services and access the internet either through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or both. A smart TV can be a home entertainment hub and enhance capabilities with program recommendations, voice recognition, and more.

Synergy’s Home Theater Installation in Raleigh NC

If you are considering the installation of a home theater system in the greater Raleigh NC area, choosing the right TV is often the start. A professional can make sure you have all the right components for your system. At Synergy Integrated Systems, we specialize in home theater systems. We can customize an installation that maximizes the entertainment for your home. Contact us today for a free estimate.