Control the Experience with URC Total Control

Have you been considering whole home automation? Are you concerned that owning a smart home could be too complicated or too expensive? What if we told you that URC Total Control makes it easy – and affordable – to put whole home control at your fingertips?

URC Total Control from Universal Remote Control – a trusted name in home theater remote controls and more – makes it easy to control your entertainment systems, lighting, climate, shades, security cameras, even your door locks and much more, all from a handheld remote control, a URC touch screen, a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

If you’re not yet ready to make the leap to a fully automated smart home, you can start small by controlling your home entertainment system or lighting, and add features and components as you and your family get comfortable with the idea. The system is fully expandable and integrates with a number of popular URC and third party products, including Vivido wireless lighting, Sonos streaming music players, Nest thermostats and more. Once many of our customers try URC Total Control, they want to put their whole house on the system.

When you’re ready to expand, add settings or make programming changes, all it takes is a quick call to Synergy Integrated Systems. After we’ve installed the necessary hardware components, we can make most changes remotely from our office without even visiting your home.

What Can You Do with URC Total Control in Your Home?

A URC Total Control system adds comfort and security to your home. Imagine lights turning on from the garage to the kitchen as soon as your garage door opens, so you can carry in the groceries without having to navigate through the dark?

On family movie night, the shades go down and lights dim as soon as you hit “Play” on the Blu-Ray. If you hit “Pause,” lights rise to about 20 percent – just enough for you to make your way to the bathroom or to the bar for more refreshments.

Five minutes into the movie, you hear a knock at the door. You use your smartphone to activate your front door camera and see it’s your eldest daughter. She forgot her key. Unlock the door remotely for her and continue the movie without skipping a beat.

When you’re ready for bed, hit one button on your controller to turn off the lights, pull the shades down, lock all the doors and adjust the thermostat for energy savings. It’s all so easy and intuitive.

Start with a Controller, End with a Smart Home

Your URC-controlled smart home begins with an advanced network system controller. The pros at Synergy Integrated Systems will specify the controller that meets your needs now, with room to grow as you discover the joy of a fully-automated smart home.

The number of installed smart home systems is forecast to grow to more than 31 million by 2017 from just 3.5 million in 2012. What are you waiting for? From the robust and fully expandable award-winning MRX-20 to the surprisingly affordable MRX-8, URC Total Control products are intuitive and easy for your whole family to use.