Crestron Automation Can Answer Your Business Meeting Needs

At Synergy Integrated Systems, we know that our top-of-the-line Crestron technology is perfect for your company’s conference rooms or board rooms. Anywhere you and your colleagues make presentations, conduct meetings or review project progress is a perfect environment for the same integrated automation functions that Crestron has developed for your house.

We understand that you didn’t assume leadership in your company in order to learn how to use and manage complex, computerized, conference room systems. After preparing your internal presentation, you don’t need to spend more prep time trying to adjust lighting, screen positions, room temperature, and audio-visual equipment so the space will be ready. And, you don’t want to waste valuable time with a room full of important people waiting for you to figure out how to make the computerized systems work properly. What you need is for everything to be automatic, synchronized and easy to use. You and your company need a system based on Crestron technology.

Let us provide the interactive system that will free you to concentrate on the meeting that your business is relying upon!

We can install FlipTops, a recessed compartment in your central table or lectern that houses a state-of-the-art control panel to turn your space into a smart room. Just as you can enjoy Crestron computerization in your home theater, you can have total connectivity of laptops or tablets for interactive presentations along with coordinated control of audio-visual equipment, room temperature, raising and lowering of screens and room and window lighting. If you can move your fingers, you can control the room.

You may be interested in a multi-person, multi-display option that creates a video conferencing environment with Crestron Smart Space technology. With this, you connect across geographic locations using the same advanced Crestron functionality to automate everyone involved. Smart Space is truly a “plug-and-play” system that allows you to be immediately productive instead of worrying about getting things to work properly.

As your authorized dealer, we will load the program, instantly set up the system for you and leave you with a way to work that is both sophisticated and easy to use.

With Crestron Connect It (TT-100), you have a computerized home for four accessible cables stored in its recessed compartment – HDMI, VGA, audio and Ethernet. With only a simple four-inch round port, you disconnect from the cables at the end of your meeting and they retract into their storage space. No more running cables all over the place and having to pick up and pack before leaving the room ready for the next meeting. With access at each seat, collaboration is a breeze.

Furthermore, our Crestron AirMedia wireless automated presentation technology allows access from any mobile device and any platform, at home or at work. With this system, people can bring their own devices to enable full participation, they can present on any platform with which they are comfortable (PowerPoint, Excel, Word or pdfs; screen shots and photos from iOS or Android mobile phones; whether based on Mac or Windows operation). People in the back of a large room can see and participate, as can colleagues in other work locations, even from home, with this Crestron computerized system.

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