Crestron Home Automation Increases Your Family’s Satisfaction

You have invested in the home of your dreams, in exactly the setting you have always wanted, with every amenity that your family could enjoy. You may think that there is nothing left in life that could increase your satisfaction with the wonderful environment you have created.

And, while we certainly agree that your home is probably an outstanding showplace, those of us at Synergy Integrated Systems think a Crestron home automation system would make it function as an extension of yourself to increase your family’s comfort and safety.

Crestron has fashioned an integrated, automated system that allows you to totally control everything connected to it via touch screen, remote, smartphone or other electronic devices at home or while you are away. No matter how many or how few functions you choose to automate, everything will be easy to use and convenient for every family member, thanks to Crestron’s technology.

Set the Scene

A Crestron system allows you to group the electronic functions you want to manage into “scenes” of coordinated functions that support various activities. The numbers of scenes is unlimited and are totally customized to your personal preferences.

Wake – You slowly awaken for the day while your home automation system begins its tasks. Bedroom lights gently increase, and lights in the bathroom get slowly brighter while the mirror TV softly broadcasts the morning news and the bathroom floor warms up.

Away – As you leave home in the morning, the last thing you want to have to do is run all over the house adjusting things. With Crestron technology, the touch of a button will turn out the lights, adjust the thermostat, lock all the doors, turn off TVs and radios, arm the security system and set the window shades to raise and lower throughout the day to take advantage of the sun and conserve energy.

Home – On your way home from work, just activate your Crestron home automation system from your iPhone. It will have welcoming lights turned on for you, a comfortable inside temperature waiting and the security system disarmed. You can even have your pre-selected iTunes playlist drifting across the living area.

Watch – On the weekend, just press a button and the lights will dim, window shades will lower, and your favorite movie will automatically begin at exactly the right volume.

Listen – Or, suppose you are hosting a get-together. From a touch screen, your Crestron automated system will start some soft music in the foyer, living room and dining room while enabling Top 40 music and video games for the kids in the playroom.

Goodnight – From your bed at the end of the day, just hit a button on your iPad and Crestron’s integrated technology will automatically turn off all lights, lower window shades, arm the security system, adjust the thermostat, and turn off all the televisions, music and video games.

Sound wonderful? Contact Synergy Integrated Systems today at 919-324-3592 to request a free consultation to create your personal Crestron home automation system.