Crestron Home Automation: Luxury and Convenience

How “smart” is your home? If you’ve tried to implement a variety of do-it-yourself home automation solutions from mass market retailers, you may find your home’s lighting, video and security components haven’t gotten any smarter – just more complicated.

Many consumers today are discovering the difference Crestron home automation can make when it comes to customization, reliability and ease-of-use.

Defining Crestron Home Automation

When many people hear the words “home automation,” they might think of remote control lighting or shades that raise and lower with just the touch of a button. But that’s just a small fraction of the overall picture.

A Crestron home automation system can integrate all the electronics in your home — from audio, video and home entertainment to lighting, shades, temperature and security, all through an easy-to-use interface that is accessible through touch screens, keypads, handheld remotes, or smart devices.

Custom Crestron home automation solutions include a variety of options that make systems more intuitive and user-friendly, such as the ability to:

– create a floor plan of the home and use that image on the control surface
– program “scenes” to control multiple aspects of the home with one touch
– control systems through a smart device on the iOS or Android operating system

While many off-the-shelf, do-it-yourself systems automate one or two aspects of your home’s technology, the components usually don’t work together. If your systems don’t work, manufacturers may begin pointing fingers. And if you’re doing the installation yourself, you have no idea if the problem is actually just user-error.

With Crestron home automation, you’ll have one point of contact, your Synergy Integrated Systems representative, who is there to make sure your home’s systems operate as they should, as a cohesive unit, via your choice of interfaces. We’ll train you in the system’s operation and, if you have any questions, we’re only a phone call away.

What Can You Do with Crestron Home Automation?

With Crestron home automation systems, the possibilities are endless. Set a “movie night” scene so that you can close the shades, turn down the lights, and your movie automatically starts playing in your home theater or family room. Pause the movie and the lights over the bar turn on to 20 percent so you can get some more popcorn and a drink.

Program your entry lights to turn on when you return home from work. Or press a “grocery shopping” pre-set from your smartphone and see your garage door open, your side door unlock automatically, and lights turn on from the garage to the kitchen so you can keep both hands free for packages. It’s all possible. With the help of your Crestron programmer, the only limit in your smart home is your imagination.

Home Automation Market Growth: Don’t Get Left Behind

A recent market research report projects that the global smart-home market will reach $58.68 Billion by 2020. While the report showed that the home automation market is extremely segmented, that doesn’t mean your smart home should be created from a hodge-podge of parts from various manufacturers.

For decades, Crestron has been the home automation system of choice in high-end homes across the world, with homeowners recognizing the value of true luxury home automation.

And now, for homeowners with budget considerations, the Crestron Pyng hub provides an easy-to-set-up, scalable system that reduces installation time and upfront costs, so your home automation system can grow with you.

Whether you opt for the high end of Crestron’s line, or if you start with Crestron Pyng, Crestron home automation provides flexibility and customization on a proven platform, so you know your smart home’s systems will function cohesively.