Crestron offers options in both wired and wireless lighting controls, designed to give busy homeowners easy, intuitive control of their home’s lighting systems, or to integrate with a complete whole-home automation system.

Professional Design and Installation

Crestron Lighting Control During your initial consultation, your Synergy Integrated Systems specialist will talk to you about the desired results you want to achieve with Crestron lighting control solutions, and then recommend the products that will help you achieve this result in the most user-friendly way possible.

This may mean a fully wireless system using Crestron InfiNET EX mesh network technology, a hard-wired system with a Crestron master controller, or a combination of the two.

Whatever components your system may include, your Synergy Integrated Systems expert will show you how to use the Crestron touch screen, handheld remote, wall panel, or app, and you’ll have complete control of your home’s lighting systems at your fingertips. You’ll enjoy the peace-of-mind of a professional installation from start-to-finish, with unmatched service after the installation from Synergy.

Control at Your Fingertips

Crestron lighting control products work seamlessly with LED or incandescent bulbs, track lighting, lamps, sconces, and indoor or outdoor lighting products in many styles. The sleek, user-friendly touch screens can sit elegantly on tabletops, hang on walls or even blend into your home’s architecture as they sit, recessed, in the wall in your choice of custom framing. Of course, you also have a choice of in-wall keypads, or control through a smart device such as an iPad, iPhone or Android device using  the Crestron app.

Crestron makes lighting control easy with “scenes” that tell groups of lights, or other devices on your Crestron network, to take certain actions with the press of one button. The “Wake” scene may turn on the lights in your bathroom, hallway, and bedroom to permit you to start getting ready for work, while the “Movie Night” scene may lower the blinds, dim the lights, and turn on your home theater system all at once. The “Goodnight” scene will turn off your home’s lighting, and perhaps even lock your doors and arm your security system, with the right third-party hardware. Crestron offers true, luxury control customized for the way you live and what’s most important to you and your family.

Crestron Wireless Lighting Control: How the InfiNET EX Mesh Network Works

Crestron’s wireless lighting control systems use the company’s proprietary InfiNET EX technology, so wireless communication is always reliable and secure. While many wireless lighting systems communicate through your home’s wireless network, Crestron lighting controls use their own network.

If you’ve ever noticed your home’s Wi-Fi signal gets weaker during prime use hours, this is because a lot of people are tapping into your Internet provider’s network at the same time. On the other hand, InfiNET EX is an independent mesh network. Not only do your Crestron wireless lighting controls not have to compete for bandwidth with other users, but each device on the network makes the network stronger – not weaker. This makes the system faster, more reliable, and more powerful than any IP-based wireless control system, especially in densely populated areas or even in rapidly growing rural areas where Internet providers struggle to keep up with the demands of Wi-Fi users.

Crestron wireless lighting control products integrate seamlessly into your home’s décor, without the need to rip out sheetrock or ruin paint or wallpaper. Perfect for retrofits or minor remodeling jobs, Crestron wireless lighting control products include a variety of dimmers and switches to match your needs and your home’s décor.

Crestron Wired Lighting Control

In new construction projects or homes undergoing a major remodeling project, Crestron offers wired, or centralized, lighting control systems. This gives us the capability of replacing banks of dimmers and switches with a single sleek keypad or a beautiful touch screen at any location, while tucking away the dimmer modules in an equipment closet, often located in a basement, attic, or garage. Wired systems offer unmatched reliability and security, with an endless array of control options.

Crestron Lighting Control: Integrated By Design

Many homeowners choose a combination of wired and wireless Crestron lighting control products, along with additional Crestron control components for even more home automation functions. All Crestron lighting products are integrated by design to work with the company’s control systems, as well as Crestron shading, locks, thermostat controls, audio video systems, whole-home sound systems, and more. With professional installation you can trust, unmatched product support, and rock-solid reliability, you’ll know your Crestron control system will work as it should.

Why Choose Crestron Lighting Control?

Crestron lighting control systems have been the choice of celebrities, business owners, corporate executives and more for decades. Synergy Integrated Systems can bring Crestron control into your home in a way that fits your lifestyle and helps you achieve the exact look and atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of.