Crestron Pyng® – Home control at your fingertips

Crestron Pyng®Do you need the ability to control your lighting from other rooms of your home or even remotely? With the Crestron Pyng® app, you can do just that!

What is the Crestron Pyng® app?

Crestron Pyng® is an app that you can download to your Apple® iPad® and control your home lighting from iPad, iPhone®, and iPod touch® devices. It is easy and quick to set up and connect to your entire home Crestron® lighting system.

This app can also control audio, shades, thermostats, and locks systems in your home. Its seamless connection will make you feel more at ease because you have the controls with you anywhere you go. Best of all, it is a free app!

What can this app do for you?

The Crestron Pyng® app can make your life easier by putting the control in the palm of your hand. You have the convenience of controlling multiple systems from one device. You will now have the ability to adjust settings, turn systems on and off, and pair with other devices.   

The app allows you to set different settings per room. Then you can edit or change them simply with the app on your mobile device. Your personal settings are savable so that you can recreate desired settings quickly.

Additionally, you can program scheduled timers simple by creating an event. Events created can reflect certain times of day, like sunrise and sunset. They can also be set for specific times, such as when you are away from home. This can help save time and energy, when linked to lighting, shades and thermostat.

Whether you want to turn the lights on for when your kids get home or you forgot to lower the thermostat before you left the house. Note that the Crestron Pyng App requires a Pyng Hub and other Crestron devices to be able to control features in your home.     

Easy set up with Synergy Integrated Systems

Synergy Integrated Systems is an authorized dealer and installer of Crestron® products and the Crestron Pyng® app. This is why Synergy specialists are knowledgeable and proficient in all Crestron® lighting systems. Their specialists will walk you through the quick steps of setting up this app and configuring it to all of your home’s systems. You can call anytime for tech support if you have a questions after set up.

Being one of the best-selling brands in lighting, Crestron® confidently deems being a quality and efficient producers of home systems. Their new Crestron Pyng® app is an added bonus to an already beneficial addition to your home.