Crestron Pyng Will Blow You Away

Have you heard about the Crestron PyngTM? We at Synergy Integrated Systems are happy to introduce it to you!

Crestron Pyng is a home automation app that you won’t want to live without! As you would expect from the globally-recognized Crestron brand, Crestron Pyng is totally customizable to your family’s lifestyle. This app allows lights and lamps, window shades and curtains, door locks, security systems, and thermostats to work in synch with each other, coordinated with your family activities.

After we have oriented you with the initial set-up, it will be simple and easy for any family member to change settings or create new scenarios directly from the app. And, you can enjoy your Crestron Pyng with the worry-free confidence that all the original settings are stored in the cloud.

You can program the Crestron Pyng to slowly open window shades and turn on low lights just before your alarm is set to ring, which would make waking up in the morning just a little gentler. From the app, you can open shades in the children’s rooms and let the sunshine nudge them awake while increasing the indoor temperatures to be comfortable for showering and dressing.

Your Crestron Pyng app can be programmed to lock all the doors as you leave for the day and it can turn lights off and lower the thermostat to conserve energy and save money on utility bills. During the day, you can check your home’s security system or any other integrated program from anyplace at all via your phone, tablet or laptop computer.

As you return home in the evening, the trusty Crestron Pyng will illuminate outside lighting, unlock the door and turn on welcoming lamps for you. In anticipation, it can warm up the indoor temperature, close window shades and even start some music or the evening news for your arrival.

And, when it is time for bed, your Crestron Pyng app will be sure that all the lights and electronics that are integrated into your system are off and will reset the thermostat for optimum sleeping temperatures. Then, it will arm your security system for the night. Programming the Crestron Pyng to synchronize the house with your family’s activities is like having your mother taking care of things again!

All you have to do is imagine different situations throughout your daily life – the morning preparations for school and work, the evening return home with homework and dinner, the end of the day lockdown and sleep – along with probable special events such as dinner parties or movie nights and the special lighting and audio-visual entertainment control they will require. Once these scenes are programmed into your Crestron Pyng, all you have to do is touch the name of your family’s scene and the rest is done for you!

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For more than 45 years, Crestron has led the nation in the manufacture of home automation and audio-visual systems. Synergy Integrated Systems is the top Crestron-authorized dealer in the Raleigh-Durham area and a leading dealer across the entire state. We are fully bonded and insured and do not use outside contractors to service our customers. Also, we are proud to be a Better Business Bureau-accredited company. You can have complete confidence that Crestron products, including the Crestron Pyng, are the best quality available and you can trust that we are knowledgeable about the equipment and experienced at installing and integrating these systems.