Crestron Wireless Lighting

crestron wireless lighting Crestron Wireless Lighting

In recent years, our industry has seen amazing strides in Crestron wireless lighting. New types of light bulbs and fixtures now bring lighting to a whole new level! As the #1 Crestron dealer in the Raleigh-Durham area, Synergy Integrated Systems is thrilled to introduce a wide range of wireless lighting solutions from Crestron. In today’s high-tech world, every home has miles of wires, which creates an eyesore. Homeowners try to hide their wiring as much as possible, but every wire seems to have a mind of its own!

However, at least in one aspect of your home’s environment, we are beginning to see the light. With Crestron wireless lighting solutions comes the ability to eliminate at least a few miles of wire from your home!

Crestron already had custom lighting systems that offered one-touch controls for all of the lighting in your home. Of course, Crestron controls are designed to manage your heating, cooling, window treatments, alarms, and electronics from any mobile device or from the Internet- wherever you may be.

By including wireless lighting products into their product line, there is now an even larger selection of options when upgrading or adding new lighting to your new or existing home. Synergy is now offering the full line of wireless lighting solutions, which can be integrated with the other environmental systems in your home. Your wireless lighting controls become enhanced with Crestron wireless dimmers, which require no additional rewiring or destructive installation. The installation is the same as an ordinary dimmer except you can now adjust your lighting from a mobile device or touch screen.

There are now wireless lighting controls for LEDs, track lighting, incandescent, floor & table lamps and even outdoor lighting! You can even set “scenes” on a keypad with which you can design a combination of lighting for various activities. On “Movie Night,” you may want all lights on dim settings. A “Party” setting may turn up the lights in the family room and kitchen. However, an “Away” setting may turn off most lights in the house and bring on some dim lights at dusk.

In addition, you can combine wired and wireless lighting to create the perfect solution for any scenario. If you want to control your audio, video, thermostats, and lighting, you can easily integrate any or all systems at any point. If you have a wired home automation system now, you can integrate wireless lighting with the existing systems at some point in the future.

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