Discover Home Audio Systems That Serve the Best Sound

home audio systemsIf you’re looking for home audio systems to add some satisfying sound to your world, we’d like to take you a step back in time for a moment.

A little less than a century ago, our country pulled itself together in a common goal each evening. In groups, citizens gathered by a little box in their home. Expectantly, they sat beside it. Patiently, they waited for a voice to emit from a little speaker in that little box. Crackling through the airwaves, that voice soothed their hearts and brought them comfort and news. The man reaching through that speaker system with his powerful voice was none other than Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Every night, he brought hope to America in his fireside chats.

When the country wasn’t pulling together to listen to their president, they used that little sound box in other ways. Music and drama filled their homes through that little stereo speaker. If you were an audiophile, you may have heard some of the radio dramas such as Against the Storm or the comedy duo of Abbot and Costello. If you were not an audiophile, here are a few of the classic hits that reached through the early airwaves. Either way, it was the audio that came from that little box that began a sound revolution.

Our New Era of Sound

In more ways than one, we are in a new era. No longer must we crowd by a little box to hear about the world around us. Or, to listen to our favorite music. Literally, new technology has changed how we hear. It’s changed how we live; it’s transformed our expectations. Modern day home audio systems give us freedom and choices. Now, we can send great sound soaring through nearly any room in our home. With practically the touch of a button, we can revisit the nostalgia of those revered fireside chats. Or, if you’re an audiophile, you’ve likely been streaming all sorts of things from the decades that came before us.

No matter what audio you wish to hear, our talented team at Synergy Integrated Systems can provide superior sound quality for your audio system.

A Proliferation of Home Audio Systems

Since we’re enjoying taking you on a journey today, let’s explore your own house and the options you have for whole home audio. To do so, consider how modern technology aids in our intrinsic enjoyment and need for sound.

Mighty Media Rooms

Back in the day, that little box or, later, a television with a small speaker, made for great entertainment. While the sound quality was a tad lacking, it was still a fun experience. It was almost like having a little home theater. People were happy with these innovations.

Then, as innovations do, innovations grew. In fact, it simply goes against human nature to stop once we’ve started. Possibilities and advancements forever gnaw at our psyche. How can we make it better? What can we do to improve sound quality? How can we make this more like a full home theater system?

Hence, the media room appeared with multiple answers to those long lingering questions. Just a few of the fabulous components that we can add to your mighty media room are:

  • Sound Bar – Harness superior sound quality with a perfectly placed speaker bar.
  • Ceiling Speaker – Place hidden speakers above for unobtrusive sound.
  • Surround Sound – Expertly place surround speakers throughout the room to enhance your experience.
  • Bluetooth Speaker – Utilize a Bluetooth receiver to send wireless sound anywhere you wish it to be.
  • Bookshelf Speakers – Distribute speakers in nooks and crannies. Bookshelf speakers keep décor seamless.
  • Wi-Fi Speaker – Keep the mess of wires at bay with a Wi-Fi speaker.
  • Wall Speaker – Whether wired or wireless, a wall speaker keeps your home looking neat and provides fabulous sound.

For wired or a wireless system, our team will expertly place any of the above to enhance your media room!

Send Sound Throughout Your Home

Luckily, we needn’t stop there. Synergy Integrated Systems can send audio soaring seamlessly through any room of your home.

A Creative Kitchen of Surround Sound

Cooking is often a practice in art. As we practice this tasty art, it’s nice to have a little music to motivate us. While you prepare your lasagna or chicken Florentine, pipe in a little Italian opera from your wall speaker. Or, change the pace with a bit of Spanish guitar while you chop jalapeños and mince cilantro for an appetizer of Pico de Gallo. Better yet, tired of glancing at recipes on your device as you cook? Listen to step-by-step instructions through your ceiling speakers that you can interact with via voice control. Command the instructions to pause or replay while you create your delicious masterpiece.

Delightful Cleaning

It’s no secret that household chores are a drag. If you’re one of the lucky few who find pleasure in this task, we applaud you. However, if dusting, mopping and scrubbing isn’t on your list of delights, we get it. Either way, a little medley of music in the background is sure to add a little perk to sprucing up your home. Mop to the slow sounds of Lakme by Delibes. Or, get your wiggle on with some Uptown Funk or Party in the USA.

Home Theater

While many folks focus on video and seating when designing a home theater, sound is a crucial part of the experience. Obviously, your view and comfort are critical but room acoustics matter as well. Perfectly-placed speakers ensure that you catch the gentle whispers in your favorite romantic flick. Or, they capture the cheers and fanfare while you watch your champion team. No matter what you wish to enjoy in your home theater, we help bring superior sound to it!

Even the Bathroom

Wait, what? Yes, you can even enjoy the sound of music in…your bathroom! Hop in the shower and spark the beginning of your day with Walking on Sunshine or On Top of the World. Conversely, settle in for a soak and welcome the evening with the settling sounds of Delicate by Damien Rice or Only Time by Enya floating down from your ceiling speakers. Similarly, catch your favorite podcast while prepping for the day. Either way, a little sound in the restroom is a fun perk.

Outdoor Oasis

We needn’t keep all of our joy of sound indoors. Many folks enjoy relaxing outside. After all, few will disagree that nature can be a cacophony of sound in itself. Although, its lovely song isn’t always playing what you wish to hear. Sometimes, it’s simply not the right time of day. Or, you may want to travel in your mind a bit and hear creatures from another region. Fortunately, we can help with that.

Enjoy your morning coffee on the patio with the macaw or hoatzin of the rainforest cawing in the background. Or, sip warm tea as the sun sets in the distance. Welcome the night with soothing sounds of katydids, cicadas and treefrogs chirping from your outdoor speakers. If nature sounds aren’t your thing, no worries. Enjoy playlists that you can stream with the touch of a button or even with voice command. You can program ahead of time or choose on the fly as your mood fits.

Wireless System Questions

Speaking of a wired or wireless system, home audio installation brings about many questions. Our team is good at answering questions. We’re great at finding solutions.

A common question we run across is: How do wireless speakers get power? Since many wireless speakers are embedded into walls so you don’t have to deal with unsightly speaker wires, we understand why folks would wonder this. However, they always need a power source. So, even if you have a wireless speaker system, it’s still technically a wired system – electrically speaking. We simply embed the power source in the ceiling with your wireless speaker or wall speaker. The connected speakers can still be a wireless music system using Bluetooth connectivity. When your system doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, we embed the speaker wire as well. That way, you don’t have to worry about the speaker cable getting in the way.

Superior Audio Systems

Another query our customers ask is: What is the best home audio system? Ultimately, this depends on what you want or what home audio systems fit your lifestyle the best. We offer premium products to experience movies, music and anything else indoors and outdoors. Generally, media servers, audio distribution systems, surround sound systems and speakers are the equipment needed. For instance, media servers are a convenient way to store movies, music and digital photos. Audio distribution systems allow you to access multiple sources of audio independently in each zone of your home. Surround sound systems absorb you in your sound from all directions. Finally, well-placed speakers create surround sound for family rooms, home theaters and even outdoor entertainment.

Just a few of the companies we work with include:

  • Monitor Audio
  • Sonance
  • Elan
  • Triad
  • James Loudspeaker
  • Crestron
  • Episode
  • JBL
  • Leon
  • Revel
  • Origin Acoustics
  • And more!

Moreover, as mentioned, it’s not simply about the brand you choose. Creating proper acoustics and superior sound quality in an audio system is directly related to expertise and design. Proper speaker placements, the right receiver, an appropriate subwoofer and streaming capabilities all come into play.

Truly, to experience sound at its best, you need a home audio system that captures and then releases it. Moreover, every device that you use must work together to achieve that singular goal. Often, this directive begs another question. For instance, do you need a powerful system for larger rooms?

It’s not always as much about power as it is about device placement. At Synergy Integrated Systems, we examine the design of each room and determine how audio will best resonate. Additionally, we consider how you wish to experience acoustics in every part of your home. Once we understand your individual needs, we then help you choose each device to fuel your inspiration. Whether you prefer movies, music or both, we customize your system accordingly. For a little more information on optimizing your sound system, check out our blog on the most powerful sound techniques.

During our free consultation, we guide you on considerations for the best audio system available. Likewise, we help you make decisions that most appropriately fit your budget. Essentially, the premium home audio system is more about quality than quantity. If even one device isn’t fulfilling its goal to enhance your experience overall, sound suffers. Notably, the sound of suffering audio isn’t pleasant. Movies, music or your favorite team in action needs to be heard at its fullest potential.

Why choose Synergy for your home video and audio systems? We offer expert technicians at every step of the way, from guiding you through the choice of equipment through final installation. Following installation, we are always available for support and pride ourselves on our top-quality customer service. Additionally, all of our home automation systems are provided with open sourcing. This means that the programming that we use is available to anyone else who may work on your system in the future. Of course, we hope that you will return to us for your future needs! Most of our clients are returning customers and their friends and family. As a local, family-owned business in the Raleigh area, we want to serve our community with the best equipment and service for home automation, security, audio and video.

Keep in mind, we don’t stop at just movies, music and soaring sound. Synergy also offers whole home video distribution. Plus, we provide home theater and media room design and installation and home automation services.

To learn more about any of our services, request your free consultation. Or, give us a call at 919-324-3592. We look forward to hearing from you and adding a little soothing sound to your world!