ELAN Home Systems for Customized Smart Home Living

Many of our customers wonder if ELAN home systems add value to their house. Resoundingly, the answer is YES. In fact, ELAN’s innovative systems add value to your lifestyle as well. After all, what’s the point in adding fabulous features to your home unless you get to benefit too? Precisely, this is why we install ELAN products for our customers at Synergy Integrated Systems. It’s wise to control the financial outcome of your future. However, having fun with a little control of your own is an added bonus!

Supreme Control with ELAN Home Systems

Obviously, the ability to control audio and video on our televisions has a long history. For the most part, we expect it. Now, with the multiple ELAN home systems available, you can do that and so much more. In fact, ELAN home automation does so much it’s hard to know where to even begin.

To keep it simple, let’s start with audio and video control options. With unmatched convenience, ELAN reinvents home entertainment. Foremost, a single elegant interface allows you to enjoy consistent experiences across multiple devices. From wall panels and remotes to personal tablets or phones, customize audio and video in any room of your home. Ultimately, from this same interface, you can control nearly any aspect connected to your home’s systems inside and out.

Speaking of other aspects, consider lighting and climate control. ELAN’s intuitive interface actually anticipates your needs and keeps your family comfortable while conserving energy. Smart lighting greets you when you wake up or arrive home. Conversely, set lights to turn off when not needed. Or, switch them off remotely if you’ve accidentally left them on. Similarly, program shades to raise or lower in response to sunlight or indoor temperatures. Better yet, ELAN provides a detailed history of your energy consumption allowing you to monitor and adjust usage.

Next, not everything that we wish to control is indoors. ELAN extends to outdoor lighting in landscaping, audio, and video. Therefore, you can enjoy the ease of home automation outdoors as well. Plus, you can program lawn watering, spa pumps and covers too! To see an ELAN system in action, check out Kim Erle’s Green Smart Home.

Simplify Security

Last but not least, ELAN offers multiple security features. For instance, provide landscapers limited remote access to monitor the system and make adjustments. Or, integrate ELAN security options into your entire system. Remotely, view live video throughout your home and outdoors. Lock gates, turn lights off or on and even speak through the interface when needed. Likewise, with smart apps, you can do each of these tasks from nearly anywhere in the world.

Correspondingly, our customers also feel secure with our installation process. Our highly-trained team at Synergy Integrated Systems offers friendly service around the clock. Plus, we understand that sometimes you need updates or changes. To ensure that you receive a competitive price, we offer our systems in completely open source. In other words, we provide you with a copy of the system programming in its most basic form (non-compiled code). Consequently, you may choose the home automation company of your choice for future work. Of course, we hope you choose us!

If you’re now wondering how much an ELAN system costs, we can help with that as well. Obviously, it depends on the elements you wish to incorporate and the scope of your project. However, we would be glad to determine what options fit you and your budget best. For more information, request a free consultation here. Or, give us a call at 919-324-3592!