ELAN Home Systems Provided by Synergy Integrated Systems

Often, when homeowners imagine automation for their home, they consider their audio and video needs. However, smart home systems control much more than that. In fact, ELAN home systems seamlessly combine a plethora of components connected to your home. Better yet, a single, elegant interface lets you enjoy consistent experiences over multiple devices. Therefore, you can control nearly every home automation system from anywhere in your house. Or, from anywhere in the world! Best of all, we at Synergy Integrated Systems offer and install ELAN products locally. We serve the greater Raleigh area and eastern NC with home automation, security and home theater products and controls.

Audio and Video Options

First, let’s explore exactly what you can automate. As mentioned, audio and video components are generally at the top of the list. Whether you are designing a home theater or simply wish to have media servers and speaker controls, Synergy can help. From wired to wireless, we design systems that fill your world with sight and sound throughout your home.

Additional Home Automation Options

Additionally, consider a wider variety of ways to manage your home:


Seemingly, the options are endless. Like the idea of lights greeting you when you wake or return home? Or, you may prefer to have the lights come on when you’re not home so that it appears you are. Perhaps, you’re in a mellow mood and want only an ambient glow. Either way, perform all these functions using your ELAN remote, touch panel, personal tablet or phone.


Better yet, stay comfortable and save on your electric bill. Not only do intelligent features anticipate your needs, they allow you to turn systems on or off when you’re away. Moreover, ELAN provides a detailed history of your energy consumption.


Speaking of comfort, wouldn’t it be great to come home to your spa waiting for you to hop into it? Essentially, it’s very doable with automation that adjusts heat, opens the cover and sets lighting. Additionally, you can control your landscape lighting and watering systems. This is another way to conserve energy and water.


Whether you need to lock a door or see who’s around your home, automated security keeps you safe. Synergy Integrated Systems is proud to be a certified distributor and installer of Alarm.com security systems. In addition to automated features that protect your security when home, controlling it from anywhere protects your house too.


Sometimes, customers overlook another great feature – shading. In addition to adding unparalleled convenience it also saves energy. Shades, curtains and blinds are often hard to reach. Therefore, pressing a button or giving an Alexa command to open or close them makes it easier. Moreover, ensure your security by setting timers to close curtains automatically during certain hours. Furthermore, Synergy can program shades to automatically raise or lower based on temperature, lights in use or time of day.

Products from ELAN Home Systems

To enhance your experience, Synergy offers multiple products from ELAN.

  • User Interfaces – In-wall touch panels wake from sleep with the approach of a hand. Instantaneously, a seven-button keypad offers one touch access. When away from home, close the blinds or answer the door. ELAN gives you power no matter where you are.
  • System Controllers – Coupled with brains and beauty, ELAN’s elegant controllers include the flagship gSC10 to the media room-ready g1. Without compromise, their flexibility meets your needs for projects large and small.
  • Multi-Room Audio Video – Enjoy unprecedented multi-room control with the UltraMatrix™ series of A/V controllers. With the ability to carry HDMI, Ethernet, serial and IR signals, you get everything you need with a single cable.
  • 4K HDMI Solutions – Finally, enjoy seamless integration with true 4K HDMI solutions. Included are matrices, splitters, switchers, extenders and AV over IP. Plus, amps and surveillance incorporate into your system.

Of course, after looking over all the versatile automation options, everyone’s mind eventually wanders to their budget. The best way to determine how much ELAN home systems cost is by discussing your needs while considering your budget.

Plus, sitting down with a professional familiar with smart home systems helps as well. In fact, Synergy Integrated Systems provides that service free of charge. As a locally-owned business, we deliver personalized service that you won’t find with any other custom integrator in Raleigh. Helping you find what you truly need is one of the things we do best.

Today, schedule a free consultation by filling out the form on our website. Or, call us at 919-324-3592.