ELAN Home Systems – Relax with Smart Home Automation

After a long and tiring day, envision settling into your favorite spot in your home. As soon as you’re cozy and comfortable, imagine that you’d like to hear a little music. Often, this means you need to get up, turn on a system and settle back in. Once you begin relaxing again, you realize that the temperature isn’t quite where you like it. Plus, the lighting just feels a little off. Then, come the worries, did you lock the doors? Is the security system on? Doesn’t sound very relaxing now, does it? However, don’t fret. ELAN home systems brings relaxation back with the touch of a button!

ELAN Home Systems  

Since1989, ELAN home systems remains at the forefront of home automation and easy-to-use interfaces.

Just a few of the systems you can control in your house include:

  • Audio – Send sound soaring throughout your home with ease. Want to hear a little Jazz or Classical while you cook? Or, having a party and wish to have your favorite playlist performing in the background? Perhaps, you just wish to chill while ambient sounds play throughout the house? Either way, Synergy Integrated Systems can design a home network to do all of the above and more.
  • Video – Likewise, stream video from more than one wireless device anywhere you wish to watch it. Whether you have a few TV’s or a home theater, we can configure your system to work together.
  • Lighting – With smart lighting, control ambience with the touch of a button. Or, pre-set to turn off or on according to the time of day.
  • Security – Enhance security throughout your home. From one device, check for locked doors, open windows and other security concerns. Better yet, you can ensure that your home is secure from nearly anywhere in the world.
  • Climate – From your one-touch console, adjust air to the temperature you desire. Or, use smart home automation settings. Intelligent features anticipate your needs for indoor temperatures. Additionally, ELAN provides a detailed history of your energy consumption.
  • Landscaping – Just sat down to relax and realized that you forgot to water the lawn? Fortuitously, ELAN doesn’t forget. Schedule landscaping watering and lighting with the touch of a button!

Notably, their new and powerful ELAN 8 software features voice control through Amazon Alexa. Therefore, you can control your smart home automation with your voice as well.

Synergy Integrated Systems Solutions

To achieve all the goals above and more, Synergy Integrated Systems can help. We install these innovative systems throughout Raleigh and the Triangle. Whether you’re interested in a specialized project or comprehensive home integration, our expertly trained team offers highly personalized service.

Often, our clients ask about the cost of integrating Elan home systems into their house. Fortunately, we can work with you to find the best hardware and software that accommodates your budget. Moreover, we are completely open source. In other words, we provide you with a copy of system programming. Consequently, you may have the home automation company of your choice work on systems in the future. Of course, we hope you’ll choose us. Nonetheless, this outreach at least gives you peace of mind that you’ll receive a fair and competitive quote.

Today, contact us online for your free consultation. Or, give us a call so we can help you better relax in and enjoy your smart home: 919-324-3592!