Enhance Your Musical Experience with Two-Channel Home Audio in Raleigh

Homeowners and custom integrators seem to be placing a lot of emphasis on impressive home theater systems, smart home automation and control systems today. But if your idea of a good time is shutting off your TV and sharing your old vinyl collection from the 60s and 70s with your children, it may be time to consider a two-channel home audio system to enjoy the music in its purest form.

What? Your parents sold all your vinyl in a yard sale decades ago after you left for college? That’s okay. Vinyl has stepped out from the niche of mom-and-pop corner record stores found only in eclectic towns and into the mainstream. Barnes & Noble Booksellers now stocks vinyl in its music department. And even  as portions of the music-loving world moves toward High Resolution Audio digital formats, vinyl record sales exceeded 9 million in 2014, a 20-year high for the format. It’s enough to make your head spin as you check your calendar (pun intended).

Ask most audiophiles and they will tell you there’s nothing like vinyl – music in its purest form. Or, at least, the form many boomers and GenX-ers grew up with. And the best way to enjoy this music is through a high-end, High Fidelity, two-channel home audio system.

Pour a beverage and sit down with us as we explore the benefits of two-channel audio to enjoy your favorite music.

Fewer Speakers = Less Home Audio Clutter

You may be wondering what we mean when we say two-channel audio. Let us explain.

If your home theater system has a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system, you have either five or seven speakers, plus a subwoofer for the low-end, placed somewhere in your home theater or family room. These speakers are flexible and can be placed in the wall or ceiling so they blend in seamlessly with your décor. But we must still run wires for six or eight separate boxes. (Other sound formats may require even more speakers to achieve the effect movie enthusiasts crave.)

On the other hand, a two-channel audio system requires just two speakers: left and right. This is stereo sound in its purest form.

The Speakers Can Match Your Décor

Even when we’re installing a two-channel system, the expert designers at Synergy Integrated Systems can still “hide” the speakers to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the room. But the new trend is to flaunt those speakers. After all, there are only two of them. You’ll achieve the best sound if you mount the speakers on the wall, place them on a shelf, or on the ground, with the entire box exposed for the best, purest sound.

Best of all, they can still match your décor. In fact with unique designs and custom cabinets, they are likely to become the focal point of the room.

Whatever look you want, we can achieve it. In fact, you’ll find that today’s high-end home audio speakers look as good as they sound. As always, we’ll mount the peripheral equipment in a closet or rack where it can’t be seen, or we can configure it decoratively in the room as part of your residence’s home audio flair.

Good Music, No Distractions

Whether you’re going for a “wow” factor to impress your friends and neighbors in the Raleigh, NC area, or just want to spend your evenings unwinding with the best quality sound, a two-channel home audio system will achieve the effect you want without added distractions.

Choose your speakers, your sources (don’t forget the record player), your controller, and make some space for dancing. Two-channel home audio is the latest Raleigh, NC, trend that you don’t want to miss.