Enjoy a Crestron Home Automation System with Pyng

You may have seen many references to the Internet of Things and Smart Homes lately – in the news, on the Web, even on television commercials. When you are ready to embrace the beauty, luxury and convenience of a smart home, it’s time to call a custom integrator to help.

Why You Need Custom Installation for Your Home Automation Systems

If you’re considering do-it-yourself home automation system, think about this: Are you willing to give up weekends of your life shopping at a home improvement store, installing and integrating various components from different manufacturers, and downloading and programming all the apps, all before you can begin to enjoy the convenience of home automation? When something goes wrong, you may not know who to call – or even where to begin troubleshooting.

You don’t have time for that – nobody does. You probably don’t cut your own hair or change your car’s oil by yourself, either. Just like your hairstyle and your automobile, you’ll need to live with your home automation systems every day…you want it done right, which means professionally installed systems.

Yes, Crestron Home Automation Can Fit Your Lifestyle

You’ve heard a lot about Crestron home automation systems, and maybe even seen them in action in a friend’s home. There’s no doubt Crestron home automation is the high-end, luxury choice in home automation systems. If you’ve just installed distributed audio through your home and a high-end home theater, you may not be prepared to spend that much on a control system yet. That’s okay.

With the introduction of Crestron Pyng, you can enjoy all the luxury and convenience of custom Crestron home automation with a system that is several levels above an off-the-shelf system purchased at a big box retailer, with equipment and installation costs that are closer to your desired price range.

Crestron Pyng makes installation simple for the Synergy Integrated Systems team, helping us keep our costs down and pass the savings to you. All you need to get started is a Pyng hub and components to control, which can include lighting, door locks or AV systems. Crestron Pyng is even compatible with popular streaming music players for a whole home audio experience.

You can add Crestron touch screens or handheld remotes for greater convenience and flexibility, but you don’t have to. Control all your Pyng-enabled devices through your mobile device, even an Apple Watch, using the Pyng app.

DIY Smart Products Don’t Compare to Crestron Home Automation

The smart home concept is here, and while other homeowners struggle to integrate disparate components purchased off the shelf to boast about how the Internet of Things is alive and well in their home, you can enjoy another level of luxury.

With Crestron home automation systems and Synergy in your corner, you always have the full support of a custom integration professional, and will never have to deal with bad tech support that points fingers at other manufacturers’ devices. With Pyng, you get the white-glove service of any Crestron home automation system owner, at a price point that is practical for you and your family.

Call Synergy Integrated Systems if you’d like to learn more about Crestron home automation and how it may fit into your North Carolina home.