Buying Home Audio Systems: 3 Things to Consider

home audio systems More and more people are opting to experience entertainment in the home. It is convenient, relaxing, and you control the experience. Home audio systems provide that enhanced level of entertainment beyond regular TV watching and music listening. It is important to consider three things when choosing a home audio system.

Music vs TV/Movies

Home audio systems for music and for movies have different requirements. Movies have a wide dynamic range with capability of high volume. This requires more power. Combined with center mixed dialog, deep-bass demands, and a multichannel soundtrack, the sound works in concert with the video. The sound experience is not the focal point. In contrast, music is dynamically compressed, has little to no deep-bass effects, and is primarily stereo sound. A music system is focused on the sound quality. Once you decide your main preference, you can choose a system that works for your purposes.

Whether you are using speakers primarily for music or TV can affect the type of home audio system you will invest in. For music, an added small subwoofer will add more bass. This is perfect for primarily music listening with occasional TV and movies. A pair of monitors or floor-standing speakers can deliver boosted, full sound. For mainly TV watching, a soundbar and a wireless subwoofer combination is great for boosting your TV and movie sound. It also works for occasional music listening. For a better experience when watching TV and movies, a surround sound system is a good choice for a home audio system.

Room Space

Before you select your home audio system, look at your room. Room size and openness affects your speakers’ sound. Large, open rooms make small speakers sound small and localized. Small, closed-in rooms don’t work well with large speakers. Not only do they take up lots of space, the bass can make the sound muddy. Serious movie watchers can accommodate a full range of speakers for cinematic experience. Music lovers can also immerse themselves in a richer sound. A smaller space can accommodate a small subwoofer system to provide adequate sound for movies or music.

Speaker Placement Options

A proper assessment of your space and how you will use your system will determine how your speakers should be set up.

  • In furniture: If space is limited, you may opt to put speakers in an entertainment cabinet or on a bookshelf. If your speaker produces heavy bass, avoid placing in an entertainment cabinet. The sound will bounce around creating undesirable resonances.
  • In the corner: Avoid placing full-range, floor-speakers on the sides of a TV that squares off a corner. This setup will cancel out the bass. You may want to opt for bookshelf speakers or a separate subwoofer.
  • Walls and floors: Large, smooth surfaces tend to reflect sound and change what you hear. Use furniture, carpet, drapes, etc., to break up the surfaces and reduce echo.

Synergy Home Audio Systems

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