Home Automation Can Protect Your Family

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Synergy Integrated Systems is the #1 authorized dealer of Crestron Home Automation products in the Raleigh-Durham area. As home automation specialists, we provide
24-hour customer service to offer our customers convenience and peace of mind. Our home automation products are available throughout the Triangle and most of North Carolina. If you have a beach house, our home automation services are also available along the NC coast.

A major consideration when planning a home automation system should be security. Keeping your family safe is one of the main functions of your home. The home automation systems that we offer at Synergy Integrated Systems provide a total solution.

We provide products that work together to protect your family, using the latest cutting-edge solutions available. Home automation encompasses solutions for all aspects of your environment, transforming your home into a stress-free zone. You can feel that your home is a safe retreat from the outside world- a place to relax and enjoy your family.

An automated lighting system can be set up to simulate the normal lighting pattern for your home even when the family is away on vacation. This is one more deterrent to potential criminals since they prefer an empty house when choosing their next victim.

Draperies and shades serve a dual purpose when included in your home automation plan. They can be programmed to conserve energy by letting in the sun during cold weather and keeping the room cool in the warm weather. When the family is away on vacation, the movement of window treatments at various times of the day and night can give the appearance of an occupied home.

Since we all want to be mobile yet connected with our loved ones, our home automation solutions can be accessed remotely from your mobile device. One touch and, wherever you are, you can lock all of the doors in your home. Another security feature would allow you to look on the screen of your mobile device to see who is knocking at your door.

Home automation is not just for busy, active families. It is just as important for the elderly or disabled to have total control of their environment from a simple mobile device. It will provide a feeling of security that also gives their caregivers peace of mind. The caregiver can leave the home knowing that the person is safe.

Installing video surveillance equipment has become an integral part of residential security systems. It is a valuable deterrent on a daily basis and provides priceless evidence in case of a crime. Our Wirepath Surveillance products can be accessed remotely using the internet or a mobile device. Whatever your budget, Synergy Integrated Systems can design a home automation solution for your home.

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