Crestron Offers The Best Value for Home Control Systems

You can trust us at Synergy Integrated Systems to provide only the highest quality products that guarantee the most comfort and convenience in your home and we take that responsibility very seriously. Crestron is one of the leading manufacturers of reliable, wholly integrated home control systems in the world. Synergy Integrated Systems is proud to be the #1 Crestron-authorized dealer in the Triangle and one of the top dealers in North Carolina.

We can seamlessly integrate all your technology so you can easily control audio/video and home automation systems through touch screens, keypads and remotes from anywhere in your home or even from your smart device. You will be able to enjoy the convenience of complete lighting control, custom audio/video distribution, and home theater design in addition to room-specific climate control and appliance management.

The Unmatched Convenience of Crestron

With Crestron, you are able to formulate specific scenarios and just the touch of a button will activate your customized settings to complement any time of day or chosen activity. For example, you can have a “Wake” scene for first thing in the morning. Under this scenario, bedroom lights will slowly brighten, the bathroom television will come on with morning news, and the heated bathroom floor will warm up. On the other hand, you may choose to have an “Away” scene where you press a screen by the door on your way out for the weekend. Every light, television, and music system around the house turns off. The thermostat lowers to 64 degrees, all doors lock, and the security system is armed. Furthermore, shades will raise and lower throughout the days to take advantage of sunshine and reduce energy usage. You could even press a “Home” scene button on your IPhone as you leave work and, when you arrive home, lights in the house are set at optimal levels, the temperature is a comfortable 70 degrees, the security system is disarmed, and your favorite music is playing in the main living area.

Why Crestron?

Reliability – Crestron has been the industry leader in home automation and control for more than 40 years. You can depend on our products to be manufactured superbly, installed professionally, and to work reliably.

Simplicity – No more searching for the correct remote for your activity or trying to understand a complex universal remote. Our products are designed to work together, blending seamlessly into a total system.

Personalization – You choose the elements that complement your family’s lifestyle now, and enjoy the comfort of knowing that a Crestron home automation system is easily adaptable as your needs change.

Service – Crestron is known for premier customer support. Our Synergy Integrated Systems employees are committed to providing the best service with the least complications.

For a free consultation, call us at 919-324-3592. We sell, install and integrate Crestron products in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas as well as in beach homes up and down the North Carolina coast.

#1 Crestron Authorized Dealer in the Triangle

Since 1968, Crestron has been one of the leading manufacturers of home automation and AV control systems across the globe. Synergy Integrated Systems is proud to be the #1 Crestron Authorized Dealer in the Triangle and one of the top dealers in North Carolina. We sell, install and integrate Crestron products for our clients, delivering competitive prices to guarantee your satisfaction.

Open Source For Peace of Mind

Not only does Synergy offer friendly service around the clock, we are also completely open source. We provide you with a copy of the system programming in its most basic form (non-compiled code) so that you may have any capable home automation company of your choice come and work on the system. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that you have options for future requests and enhancements and will receive competitive pricing.