URC Total Control

Home Automation at Your Fingertips

You’ve chosen a house, selected interior design elements, picked out and arranged furnishings, and settled in to enjoy life. How do you create an environment that truly transforms this property into your family’s beloved home? What will allow you to create a refuge that feels perfect all the time?

Turning a house into a home could be accomplished if you had total control of the elements that make your home truly comfortable and welcoming. Your family would be delighted if every single room was the perfect temperature or the stereo system was set to the perfect entertainment selection. Furthermore, imagine all the lighting was at the perfect level for each room’s activities and security measures were perfectly executed.

Now, you can enjoy that convenient level of home control.

Synergy Integrated Systems offers URC Total Control- a family of innovative products that is one of the best home management systems on the market. Total Control is affordable and easy to use. You can start with a basic system that lets you operate a television, Blu-ray, cable box and music from a remote or mobile app. But if you’d rather enjoy advanced features right away, your family can have uncomplicated management of climate, lighting, and security from any room in the house or even remotely.

Imagine how comfortable you will feel when everything in your home suits your family perfectly!


Whether your home’s entertainment venue is a den with a television or a soundproof theater with multiple seating, URC Total Control gives your family mastery over your entire entertainment system. Turn on your projector or large screen and adjust the lights for the perfect theater environment. Wherever your family relaxes, you can control the experience with a single, easy-to-use remote control.


You can create party lighting in one part of the house while you enjoy soothing low lights in another area. You can easily make certain all the lights are off at bedtime or when leaving for the weekend. When you return home from work or vacation, have your house welcome you! You can control the onset of lights as you pull into the driveway via mobile device.


You can control your home’s indoor temperatures remotely or from anywhere inside the house. You can also use URC Total Control to adjust the temperature in accordance to the weather outside or to conserve energy. Bedrooms can be cooler at night for sleeping, and settings can adjust from allowing for an empty house during the day to a welcoming temperature when you arrive back home in the evening.


One touch will let you monitor the children’s safety in the yard or check in the baby’s room to see if naptime is over. With a remote or smart phone you can control lighting levels around the exterior of your home, see who is knocking at the door and, of course, lock all the doors.

Total Control has made it possible for every family, on almost any budget, to have complete management of their home environment for everyone’s comfort and enjoyment. Let us help turn your house into a home!

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