Is a Home Network Your Family’s Answer?

home networkWhat is a Home Network?

Not too long ago, the average family didn’t even know what a wireless home network was. Each television had its own cable box and remote control, if there was a home computer, it was big and heavy and was connected to a tower modem, and any telephones were tethered to the walls with long cords and were only used for speaking personally with other people! We just weren’t as mobile with our communication devices, had not yet imagined managing their use for our convenience, and definitely weren’t interacting with them all day long, every day.

In an age when the average home has multiple computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices for home offices, shopping, school work, listening to music, watching movies and television shows, playing games, and handling the social communications, schedules and finances, many families have discovered the need for a strong and secure home network.

“What is that?” you may ask. A home network is the way multiple electronic devices “communicate,” or interact with each other. This type of “communication” can include document and file sharing, mutual printers or scanners, access to televisions or movie sources, shared game systems, and more. If your family uses more than one computer or smart device, a home network may enhance your enjoyment and strengthen your productivity.

Synergy Integrated Systems has a team of home network professionals who will advise you and your family about the advantages of connecting your wired and wireless devices. We are knowledgeable about all the new technology and methods of boosting your reception to get rid of dead spots, managing your data with ease and speed, supporting your entertainment needs and maintaining your security.

With a Home Network, You Can Stay Connected to Everything All the Time

Wireless and Ethernet are the most common home network types.

Ethernet, or wired, home network systems provide excellent security, and can handle a high volume of data. Costs will escalate, however, if your family needs to connect several devices or they are spread far apart across the house or property. Also, installing Ethernet means there will be lengths of unsightly cables running all over your house and your devices won’t be as mobile.

At Synergy, we recommend a wireless system for your home network. Wireless systems, which use radio waves to connect multiple devices, are the easiest to accommodate, least expensive to purchase and most convenient home network option to use. The absence of cables and a dependence on being “plugged in” gives your family great flexibility of usage, allowing access from anywhere in the home, porch, pool, or patio. (Just remember, you will definitely want to make a wireless system as private as possible by adding strong security measures.) Many newer devices have built-in wireless capability, but wireless adapters are readily available to modify older printers and computers. And, with just a little tweaking, your ultra-modern home network also could make it possible for you to manage inside room temperatures, various appliances, automated window shades, security systems and more, even from miles away.

What Type of Home Network is Right for Your Family?

Before you call us at Synergy to install your home network, consider how your family will be using your computers and other electronic and automated devices. You should give some thought to these questions:

  • Does your home have existing wiring or network capability?
  • Which devices will you need to have included?
  • Do you want the option of expanding your overall system in the future?
  • How does your family want to integrate their use of devices?
  • Will you want to have a dedicated server?

When you are ready, call Synergy at 919-324-3592 to speak with one of our trained professionals or to arrange for a free consultation about setting up your family’s home network.

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