Having a Home Network Keeps Your Signal Strong and Secure

home networkTo say that times have changed over the last few months is the understatement of the century. Across the globe, many of us will have a before and after line of demarcation. Not only has the world changed quite a bit, so have our needs and desires. As we attempt to find a new sense of normalcy, many of us question what goals were previously important and try to make them fit into our new strategies as we move forward. Considering a home network during this transition period is a wise step. If installing a wireless network and utilizing a home router is part of your “after,” Synergy Integrated Systems can help. Offering RukusLuxul, and Araknis Networks, we work to ensure your satisfaction and exceed your expectations.

Why Set up a Home Network?

Undoubtedly, many of us have spent much more time in our houses than we likely expected when 2020 first rang in. While our home was often our castle, our busy lives made it more of a place to pause and rest. Now, it is still that, but also a bit of a sanctuary as well. It has become a sanctuary where we may still rest, but can also work when needed. Home networking allows you to do both.

To achieve the goal of doing both, let’s consider how a home network enhances your life in general. First, installing a home router so that multiple computers and each wireless device can function on your network setup is crucial. Many of us no longer use wireless to simply entertain ourselves in our homes. Adults and children alike need access to complete their work. While the days of going to schools and offices will return, we need a Plan B in the interim. In fact, many customers are discovering that having the flexibility to work from home is an advantage in any situation. To do this, you need a reliable wireless access point for each device in your home.

Achieving this goal is essential in order to accomplish all tasks that we have to manage now. To maintain good work-home balance, a proper network setup is a must. The experts at Synergy Integrated Systems know how to do exactly this and so much more. Moreover, we understand the difficulties and frustrations of remaining connected.

Relying on outside resources such as WiFi for an access point when you need it as backup can get messy. For instance, some folks are using mobile hotspots on their phones to add extra internet access for people in their homes. A mobile device can only do so much. While they may provide a wireless signal, they can’t reliably provide constant networking. Having a reliable wired connection in your home means that your internet connection is more stable. Plus, wired connections are more secure.

Using a wired modem tied into home networks essentially erases the need to simply hope for extra internet access when your normal guest network fails. Additionally, you may need a local network within your home to allow each device to connect when needed. This aids in many tasks including file sharing and providing a firewall to protect your information.

As more and more home devices are utilizing the internet, a well-planned structured wiring solution is also critical to the performance of your home. Living in Raleigh NC or the surrounding area, you should be able to rely on the critical communication infrastructure of a home network. Synergy offers a centralized method of organizing and distributing this network capability. Therefore, your home will have stable voice communications, internet connections, cable TV and/or satellite.

How A Home Network Enhances Your Life

Moreover, home networks do so much more than just helping you work. Installing a wireless home network enhances your lifestyle. It’s not just computers and tablets that need a home network to operate. Many of the devices found around modern homes need a wired network (that provides wireless capabilities) for these conveniences to connect as well.

Since we all likely need something to smile about, something to which we can look forward, let’s have a little fun with how a wired network combined with a WiFi router can add comfort and light to living in your palace! A stable home network provides more than just reliable WiFi to enable you to work efficiently. You also need it for each device in your home. Smart plugs, home automation, music, security, video…the fabulous list is nearly endless.

Lighten it Up!

Speaking of light, we have some ideas to brighten your world. Lighting is likely not something we think about on a daily basis. However, it’s intrinsically tied to our moods. Sometimes, we need a little more to feel happy and energized. Occasionally, we need it dimmed a bit when we want to relax and chill.

Multiple devices on the market allow us to accomplish each task when properly tied into your home network. With the touch of a button, voice command or preset mood control, you can add as little or as much light to your day in your castle as you wish. Lower the blinds, command your system to turn up the mood with party-lighting or set your system for wake or sleep mode… it’s all simple if you have a reliable home network installed.

Watch and Listen

We all can use a break. A moment to lose ourselves in something other than our thoughts. Often, audio and video give us exactly that. Without a reliable home network, it’s difficult to get the exact sound or video that takes us to another place. Creating a wireless home network for each connected device frees you to enjoy the sights and sounds that give you joy. Roam from room to room as your WiFi sends sounds and sights soaring throughout your home. Or, rest and be assured that your WiFi network is working while you let your mind wander with music, movies or your favorite game playing in the background.

Delegate Work

Having a break isn’t simply tied to letting our minds wander. Every home comes with chores that we must do. Watering plants, double-checking the security of your home and ensuring proper energy usage are just a few on our seemingly never-ending list of tasks needing our attention. With a proper home network, you can install a device that releases you from these burdens. Better yet, a WiFi router and network adapter don’t talk back when you ask them to do it. Their only job is to do the work for you!

What Equipment is Needed for a Home Network?

Now that we’ve let our minds rest and wonder about the fun of a home network for a brief moment, let’s move to the basics of the equipment that you need. Keep in mind, if you’d rather stay in the bliss of opportunities rather than the details, we get it. This is exactly why our team at Synergy Integrated Systems handles the complicated aspects of installation. However, we also want to inform you as much as you wish to stay informed. Having a true understanding of the process ensures that we’re on the same page. We strive to give you what you need. Not, what we think you need. Creating a system that makes sense for YOU and your family are our primary goals.

With that in mind, we take the time to discuss all aspects of setting up wireless connection in your home. To do so, we offer free consultations for our clients. During this meeting, we discover your needs, develop a plan and then provide a quote.

That said, here are a few terms that may come up during our free consultation.

  • Wireless Router – A wireless router functions as a switch for your internet access point. You can use this to provide access to the internet or a private computer network.
  • IP Address – Separated by periods, this is a string of numbers used to identify each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.
  • IOT Device – The IOT device is a term that we dig. It essentially refers to the ‘internet of things.’ How’s that for being technical? Essentially, it encompasses the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human interaction.
  • Ethernet Cable – Basically, an ethernet cable is a physical wire that connects devices so that they can communicate with each other.
  • Ethernet Port – Simply put, this is the plug for your ethernet cable. Using ethernet means that you are less prone to interference and it provides maximum data transfer rates.
  • Gigabit Ethernet – Typically, gigabit ethernet allows optical fiber connection to transmit data at high speeds over long distances.
  • WAN Port – The (Wide Area Network) WAN port on your wireless router connects to the public internet. The Wide Area Network refers to computers spread over a large geographic area that are able to connect using a commercial internet service.
  • LAN – This is a Local Area Network, which is the interconnection between computers in a limited area, such as your home or a school.
  • Structured Wiring – This is the foundation we build for your home communications and entertainment network. We design it to organize and distribute connectivity technologies throughout your home.

Again, you don’t need to know, nor fully understand, these terms unless you want to. We handle those details and we enjoy the complicated aspects.

Expert Reviews Say It Best

While we can explain all the reasons and perks of having a reliable wireless network, it also helps to hear from the experts about our service. Those experts are our customers! We work diligently to make sure that their wireless signal is strong, stable and secure. Furthermore, we strive to provide the best customer service from the start. Consider our kind 5-Star Google reviews below.

I can’t express how happy I am with the work Synergy did for me. They were very professional, very efficient. The finished job is very clean with ethernet jack plates where needed. They relocated my router and strengthened my WiFi signal throughout our house. Also, they were able to retrofit my 3-story house for ethernet wire so I could connect my TVs and computers directly to my router, all hidden wires, exactly as I wanted. AT&T did such a sloppy job when installing our fiber service and router and Synergy cleaned it all up. I’m calling them tomorrow to come hang a new TV and hide all the wiring. Synergy does fantastic work. I’m recommending them to all of my family and friends!”

Mike D

They deserve Five Stars with their expertise and professionalism. The Mattx2 were awesome. They showed patience in solving problems that confronted them They were very prompt and were up front in ideas to benefit their client. I will definitely be recommending them and utilizing their expertise again.”

Micheal M.

Called on a Friday and they were able to come and install the following Monday. Despite a challenging install they came through on time and under budget. Great bunch of folks and very professional. Would do business with them again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended!”

Chris W.

Before and After – Synergy Integrated Systems Stands Beside You

No matter where you are in your decision-making process, we want you to know that we stand beside you as we always have. We remain focused on making our customers happy, no matter what it takes. That’s why we continue to provide both over-the-phone and in-person troubleshooting — during normal business hours, late hours and even weekends.

Whether you’re dealing with an emergency or just have a question, we’re committed to providing you with exceptional customer service.

Our technicians are fully-bonded, insured and covered under workers’ compensation and we do not outsource any of our work. We are proud to be a BBB-accredited business and a member of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA). We also have a Crestron Digital Media Certified engineer on staff.

As a locally-owned company, we take pride in serving Raleigh and the surrounding area, all the way out to the coast. Our focus is on quality customer service. After all, we want you to recommend us to your family and friends.

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