Home Security Raleigh that Does More than Just Protect Your Home

home security RaleighObviously, when you initially think about home security, you are usually considering keeping your home and family safe. At Synergy Integrated Systems, we dedicate ourselves to that cause using cutting-edge technology from our partners, Alarms.com. Furthermore, our expert licensed security installers provide only the top services in the Triangle. Moreover, we also understand that there are other reasons that you need home security Raleigh for your dwelling.

Why You Need Home Security Raleigh for More than Just Theft Protection

There are additional scenarios that require home security Raleigh help. For example, what if something out of the ordinary occurs at your home? With Alarm.com technology, your home’s unique patterns become familiar within in its systems. For example, if a door opens at an odd hour, your system will recognize this and send you an alert. You can choose to receive this information as a text, email or push notification.

Additionally, unique user codes allow you to monitor who is arming or disarming your system. This is a great way to keep track of children who may be entering the home while you are at work. Or, you can monitor other individuals who may be accessing your home to complete work, etc. Either way, it’s an incredibly useful feature to stay abreast of activity occurring in your absence.

Also, the security panel sends extreme weather alerts. And, you can speak directly to dispatchers in emergent situations via a 2-way voice link. Better yet, Alarm.com utilizes licensed central monitoring stations so that you can count on help whenever you need it!

Choose Cutting Edge Technology with DSC and 2GIG

With multiple plans to fit your needs, Synergy Integrated Systems keeps you one step ahead in securing your home. Therefore, not only are our custom-designed systems available for pre-wired homes, but we offer wireless solutions for existing homes without wiring. Of course, we also have full-service pre-wire packages for new homes as well.

So, thanks to our partnership with Alarm.com, we offer cutting-edge technology from the leaders in electronic security, DSC and 2GIG. The easily upgradable DSC has many benefits including:

  • Most reliable security hardware on the market
  • Devices capable of hard-wired connectivity
  • Full wireless systems available for retro-fit situations
  • Money-saving options
  • Systems easily programmable from keypad rather than intensive computer programming

Likewise, there are many reasons that 2GIG is the #1 largest installed base for home security, including:

  • Most innovative and interactive security company on the market
  • Complete systems available with 3G, Wi-Fi and DVR capabilities
  • Z-Wave Alliance member
  • Keypads have up to 7” color, touch-screen display
  • Built-in Z-Wave home control
  • Users can control all rooms in home with press of a button

Not only do our monthly plans fit your needs, we have multiple options to fit your budget as well. Today, contact us for a free consultation!