Home Theater Audio

home theater audioThe Advantages of Home Theater Audio 

In the days of old, movie theaters were glamorous and romantic—something you don’t see much anymore.  Imagine being able to design your dream theater, much like the one you used to visit as a child, in your own home!  Technology has become so advanced that your home theater audio can out-perform that of a traditional movie theater.  Ticket and concession prices are on the rise, making home theaters the obvious choice. Home theater audio is one of the most important components of your system, as it is the “mouth” of your home entertainment system.

Technological Advances

Surround sound enhances the way you experience movies at home.  VCRs brought homeowners a way to watch movies outside of theaters, but television speakers were no match for movie theater surround sound.  Since then, technology has improved audio equipment by leaps and bounds, and home theaters are comparable with cinemas.  With those advances, home theater audio has improved as well.  There are more options for homeowners, from the types of receivers and amplifiers, to the shape of your home theater audio speakers.  Everything is customizable, which is perfect for any savvy connoisseur.  Over the years, companies have been manufacturing new screens, speakers, lighting, and acoustic products.  This provides the consumer with an abundance of options when it comes to picking the specific elements for their home theater.

At Synergy, we carry a broad spectrum of these quality products that are sure to enhance the quality of your home theater audio experience.  From new receivers to speaker systems, Synergy has everything you need to build your dream theater.

These products include:

  • Triad and Revel Speakers: Designed by engineers and industrial designers, Revels are known as some of the most well-renowned reference speakers on the market.  Completely invisible, they can convey the most subtle distinctions in music.
  • Integra Processors and Receivers:  Fully operational volume control at the touch of a button!  The heart of your surround sound system, Integra encompasses everything consumers need when it comes to clear, concise, sound.
  • Kinetics Noise Control:  The ultimate theater experience requires acoustically sound walls.  When it comes to home theater audio, it is important to pair it with the proper seismic control systems. Kinetics ensures the best in custom-made noise control for the ultimate home theater experience!
  • Paradise Theater Acoustic Consults:  This service pairs perfectly with Kinetics!  Paradise Theater confers with architects and system integrators who specialize in planning for the noise control within your space to optimize its acoustic parameters, ensuring the best quality when it comes to your home theater audio.

With these products in mind, we guarantee a top-of-the-line home theater audio system that is cost-effective and long-lasting.  Our products have warranties that ensure your happiness, as well as the quality of their installation.

Our Mission with Home Theater Audio 

Synergy Integrated Systems has been working closely with homeowners to ensure their satisfaction in home theater audio, as well as everything else that goes into your home theater system.  We employ knowledgeable technicians and engineers that uphold our values in excellent customer care.  In a high-end industry, it is important to supply your customers with high-end products to match.  When it comes to home theater audio, nobody does it like Synergy.

Quality work is our motto. Call us today for a free consultation and let us prove it to you!