Home Theater Design: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Begin

If you’re considering home theater design in the Raleigh area, you have a lot to think about. You know you want a home theater that will create a cozy gathering space for your family, that will “wow” your neighbors, will be easy to use, and rock-solid reliable. But what do you really want in home theater design? If you don’t have a clear vision yet, don’t worry. These five questions will get you on the path toward your dream theater.

What Will You Use the Space For?

Some home theaters also become gathering spaces for Monday night or Sunday afternoon NFL football games, sporting events like the World Series or the Olympics, and even awards ceremonies like the Academy Awards. Do you want your home theater to reflect a party space, or a venue just for settling in with hot buttered popcorn and watching blockbuster or classic movies? Maybe you need a home theater design for a multi-purpose space, which is also a family room and a spot for your tweens to play video games with their friends.

Your intentions for the space will influence not just the overall home theater design, but your equipment, from a projection screen to a large LED, as well as your sources. If you have the budget for it, we can even provide the capability to watch first-run movies at the same time they’re available in theaters.

Is There a Lot of Ambient Light in the Room?

A home theater with large windows, where light streams in at certain times of the day, may require motorized shades connected to the room’s control system to create a dark viewing environment to experience movies the way they are meant to be seen. On the other hand, if the home theater is also a multi-purpose space, or a venue for parties or gatherings during big sporting events, you’ll want an LED or projection system that performs well in high ambient light, with the option to darken the room for the right ambiance during family movie night. Any home theater design should take into account the room’s natural lighting conditions and provide the technology to change or overcome those conditions as needed.

What Seating Arrangements Do You Want?

The seating arrangements you choose will also influence your choice of projection screen and projector, OLED or LED screen – or a combination of the two. Certain screens provide better off-angle viewing in a multi-purpose room, and a professional home theater design firm can specify the best equipment for your needs.

How Important is Sound Quality To You?

Today’s home theater design options can include cutting edge systems that go beyond 7.1 Surround Sound into “3D quality” sound with systems like Auros and Dolby Atmos. If you want to up-level your movie experience to something as good as, or even beyond what you experience in commercial theaters, ask your custom integrator about the latest immersive sound systems in home theater design.

The room’s acoustics should also be factored into home theater design for the best sound. You’d be surprised by the way acoustic treatments can fit into any home theater design plan seamlessly. Speaker placement can go a long way toward optimal sound quality in a theater, but creating the right acoustic environment is necessary to create an experience beyond what you’d expect from a home theater.

What Is Your Home’s Overall Design and How Will Your Home Theater Fit In?

Some of our customers want their home theater to be a distinct space with a completely different ambiance than the rest of their home. Others want themed home theater design that matches their family’s passions and interests. Some homeowners, though, want their home theater to feel just like an extension of the rest of their residence.

Whatever you desire in home theater design in the Raleigh area, the experts at Synergy Integrated Systems will help you mold your vision for a dream theater and use the latest technology from the industry’s best brands to make your dream a reality.