Customize Your Home Theater in Raleigh with Synergy Integrated Systems!

home theater in raleigh Imagine Your Home Theater in Raleigh

Imagine how convenient it would be to relax in your very own home theater in Raleigh instead of having to get dressed, drive to a movie theater, stand in line with dozens of other patrons, pay exorbitant prices for tickets as well as food and drink, sit among people who may or may not be quiet , wait until the end of the show to take a comfort break or else miss parts of the movie, and then file out with the crowd.

Instead, suppose you were fortunate enough to have a customized home theater in Raleigh where you would be free to select your own movie and choose the most convenient day and time to view it. Now, you could select the friends with whom you most want to share the experience, pause the viewing at any time for your own comfort and convenience, enjoy your favorite food and drinks and not have to leave the comfort of your own home.

You and your family can enjoy just such a home theater in Raleigh with design and installation assistance from Synergy Integrated Systems. We are a family-owned local business that offers customized home entertainment solutions to families across the Triangle area. You can count on personalized service and high-quality equipment at affordable prices – from individual starter components to intricate high-end systems. Every Synergy-designed home theater in Raleigh is tailored to each customer’s wants, needs and budget.

Your Home Theater in Raleigh Gets Only Knowledgeable, Professional Attention

What could be a more wonderful entertainment experience for you and your friends than enjoying a comfortable movie theater setting – from a simple screen and projector to tiered seating with elaborate sound system or anything in between – in your own home theater in Raleigh? We at Synergy are knowledgeable about automated screens and projection systems, digital surround sound and custom speakers and have years of experience designing media spaces and installing all the desired components and complete systems. Whether you want to view the latest movies with the family or take in a televised sporting event with friends, your home entertainment venue will be a source of fun and enjoyment for years to come.

Add to the Enjoyment of Your Home Theater in Raleigh

In addition to the audio and visual aspects of your system, a total-experience home theater in Raleigh could include the most advantageous light choices and lighting control. We can advise you on selections from electrical lighting options that include touchscreen or keypad control to manage levels and paths of illumination to automated window coverings that add to energy savings and privacy while providing the perfect environment for your evening’s entertainment.

As a complement to your home theater in Raleigh, Synergy can design a whole-house audio system that will distribute your favorite music throughout your home and porch or patio, easily controlled through in-wall panels, touchscreens or remote devices. We will discreetly incorporate speakers so they blend in with their surroundings and don’t interfere with your décor.

In addition to the advantages of your home theater in Raleigh, we offer video capabilities distributed throughout your home but managed from a single source, such as a cable box or Blu-ray player. Multiple TVs connected to one switch means complete video distribution with only one piece of equipment, one set of wires to conceal, and one monthly payment.

Contact Synergy Integrated Systems today at 919-324-3592 for a free consultation about your home theater in Raleigh, and ask us about whole-house audio and video distribution as well.