The Latest in Home Theater Installation

home theater installation Why Look into a Home Theater?

Nothing is more important than family, and some of the best family moments happen in front of a big screen. The average American spends more than 34 hours each week watching live television. So when it comes to films, over 180 million Americans watch movies each month! Years ago, families could only see top quality films in a live theater. Times, however, have changed, and Synergy Integrated Systems is proud to play a role in the mass modernization of home theater installation.

What do we mean by “mass modernization”? Simply put: anyone with a reasonable budget can enjoy home theater installation. Home theaters once only belonged in the realm of ultra-luxurious commodities. However, depending on style and design preferences, homeowners have much easier financial access to their very own home theater. For example, at Synergy Integrated Systems, we work with customers whose budgets can range from $5000 to over $100,000. That is because we are all about helping customers design the right solution for their household. Home theater installation can occur from transforming an extra room into a media room or building an entire new theater room in your house.

A home theater installation project can lead to new memories that are shareable with your family and friends. The latest technology in the A/V market allows for crisp imagery and lifelike resolution on almost any screen. When playing video games with your kids, for example, high-definition screens and superior audio controls feel like they bring your electronic surroundings to life! Similarly, with the right equipment in place, you may begin feeling like you are part of your favorite movie or television when sitting in your home theater. The best home theater installation services offer quality products. The higher the quality products, the more brilliant the quality of your home theater!

Synergy Integrated Systems has partnered with several quality brands to offer a wide range of products. Why? Because unlike many companies who handle home theater installation, we help you design a home theater to suit your design preferences and budget. We’ll offer you the best advice on what works and what doesn’t in regard to acoustical materials, chair placement, and screen size. At the end of any home theater installation, you should enjoy a theater that maximizes the viewing experience.

Trustworthy Brands for Home Theater Installation Projects

Stewart Filmscreen

For more high-end home theater installation projects, Synergy technicians would propose Stewart Filmscreen products. Unique amongst projection screen manufacturers because they create their own vinyl screen material, discerning companies and consumers have chosen Stewart for superior quality. Their screens have stood the test of 65 years on the market. If your home theater installation requires customization, Synergy can work on your behalf with Stewart to find the premium screen your project requires.

Screen Innovations

Screen Innovations is most famous in the A/V market for their Black Diamond line of projection screens. These screens are the first and only screens in the world that can handle multi-directional ambient light technology. In other words, Black Diamond screens can deliver amazing images in either light or dark environments. If you want the result of your home theater installation project to be an unbeatable experience in any environment, we highly suggest Screen Innovations’ Black Diamond line.

Sony Projectors

Sony offers premium projectors that can make your home theater a sight to behold! Depending on your A/V needs, you can pick projects that make eye-popping 3D films come to life. You can also enjoy the benefits of super-resolution processing, full HD, and ultra-quiet operation on most Sony projectors.

Home Theater Installation Does Not Require Millions

If you are looking to install a home theater, make sure to do lots of research. Home theater installation projects can get complicated quickly because so many options exist. However, if you are working with a custom integrator like Synergy, you will find a partner capable of working within your design preferences and budget.