How a Home Theater in Raleigh Brings the Kids Home

Have you always wanted your home to be the place where all the kids gather after school and during school breaks? Do you love the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing exactly where your children are, who they’re hanging out with, and what they’re doing? Putting a home theater in your Raleigh area home is a great way to beat boredom, encourage family time, and welcome the whole neighborhood into your home all year round.

Designing Your Home Theater in Raleigh

A home theater in Raleigh may include a dozen or so theater-style chairs, tiered seating, and a two-piece projection system, or a 90” LED screen and comfy couches, creating a multi-purpose family space that is great for watching movies and more. Which setup is best for your family?

While many people love the novelty of theater-style seats, if your goal is to create an informal gathering space for the kids and their friends, you might, instead, opt for a more casual seating style, with comfy couches, and beanbag or mushroom chairs. To really make the kids feel at home and to accommodate a large crowd, toss throw pillows on the floor in front of the couch to provide more seating space.

The Screen’s the Thing

Whatever the seating arrangement, an LED screen or a projection system offers a high-quality picture. It depends on your budget, your preferences and the size of the space. Remember, you can enjoy a two-piece projection system with a 130” screen for around the same price as a high-quality 70” or 80” LED. If bigger is better in your book, two-piece projection systems offer more bang for the buck. Ambient light is not a concern with today’s systems; you don’t need to sit in pitch black to enjoy your favorite shows, since dim lights can help set the scene for family movie night.

On the other hand, your family may prefer the look of a high-quality 4K LED TV. Curved models by companies like Samsung provide an added “wow” factor.  The home theater professionals at Synergy Integrated Systems will safely mount the screen at the optimal viewing height based on the size of the room and seating positions. Choose HD or select a 4K UHD screen for picture quality like you never imagined.

Stock Your Home Theater in Raleigh with a Variety of Sources

When it comes to keeping kids entertained, it’s all about the content. Options include a Blu-Ray player, a movie server, Netflix, AppleTV and more. Stock your home with the latest flicks for kids, start the popcorn, and let everyone settle in on a rainy afternoon for movie fun.

Did you know that giant LEDs or projection screens also make your kids’ favorite video games look great? Just imagine when you were a kid. Wouldn’t you have loved to play all your arcade favorites on a 70”, 80”, 90” or larger screen? While it wasn’t even a possibility back then, today’s home theaters are also frequently used to play Xbox, Wii, and other console games.

Send the Kids Outside and Enjoy Your Home Theater in Raleigh

When the sun comes out, it’s time to send the kids outside to play. Now it’s time for you and your spouse to settle in and enjoy a movie on the big screen – no babysitter required since you’re right at home!

A home theater provides entertainment for the whole family and gives your children and their friends a safe place to gather. It’s an investment in your home that pays off in many ways.