Home Theater Raleigh Installation – Synergy Solves Your Puzzle

As you contemplate your home theater Raleigh installation needs, we’d like to share some critical considerations and ideas.  The team at Synergy Integrated Systems understands that multiple factors go into your decision.  After all, you’re trying to make a dream come true.  In the end, it’s not simply about what sound and audio systems you choose.  While that’s important, design and technique matter as well.  Ultimately, you need a team of professionals who work to meet your vison.  More importantly, they need the expertise to bring it to life. 

Home Theater Raleigh Installation Ideas

In a way, creating a home theater is akin to putting a puzzle together.  While you may have an idea of the final image, you need to sort the best puzzle pieces.  Rarely, do folks select random pieces and then jam them to fit.  From corner sections, edges and similar colors, they prepare their masterpiece first.   

So, let’s begin with the basics.  Essentially, consider video and audio as your cornerstones.  At Synergy, we work with leading audio and video manufacturers. 

For video ideas, consider projectors from Sony and Epson.  Higher video resolutions have 4 times 1080P adding phenomenal clarity to your picture. Options for screens include: Screen Innovations, Stewart Filmscreen and Dragon Fly.  Newer screens have nearly zero edging and retract when needed.

Likewise, sound options abound as well.  From audio distribution systems to speakers, we offer a wide range of lines including Origin Acoustics, Triad and James Loudspeaker.  

Design and Ambiance

Next, sort your puzzle colors.  Otherwise known as ambiance, they create a cohesive design to your puzzle.  Included in these schemes are seating, lighting and overall theme.  For the final picture to blend, these peripherals need to work together and flow within existing space. 

Typically, seating is situated in rows with a slight elevation.  Generally, our customers opt for 2 rows of seating with 4-5 chairs per row.  However, the size of your room and needs determine what works best for you.  Furthermore, if you prefer reclining chairs, you’ll need to plan for this additional space.   Salamander and Octane are excellent lines that offer comfort and innovation.

Moreover, installation of lighting design affects overall ambiance.  Often, wall scones keep light off the screen and provide a cozy feel to the room.  Automating your lighting options are wise as well.  When the movie comes on, the lights go down.  Then, let the show begin!

A Master for Your Masterpiece

Finally, you need a master for your masterpiece.  Our smaller size allows us to provide personalized customer service.  Thus, you will have an unchanging team working on your project. Consequently, you will always be able to reach someone knowledgeable when you need them.  To better understand what makes Synergy different from other installation companies, it’s often best to hear from satisfied customers.  For instance, these kind words from Alan P. say it well.

“They did an equally great job. Overall, we find that Synergy is highly competent, quick, courteous, professional, and reasonably priced.”

Speaking of reasonably priced, many folks wonder about the cost of surround sound installation along with home theater Raleigh questions.  In the end, the cost is in your control.  This is part of the reason we offer choices from so many vendors.  Having options makes it easier to tailor your project to whatever your budget allows. 

Plus, we provide fixed priced estimates.  So, contact us today for a free quote!  Give us a call at 919-324-3592.