Surround Systems

The ever changing audio field of Hollywood is a lot to keep up with.  It all started with 5.1, then came 6.1, then 7.1, and now Dolby Atoms: what does it all mean?  A 7.1 speaker up consists of 7 surround sound speakers, your standard front left, front right, and center channel.

A left and right side channel that would go on either side of your seating area, and two more left and right channel speakers that are placed behind you.  The “.1” typically refers to a single subwoofer but in a dedicated theater there are typically multiple subwoofers to create an even bass level around the entire room.

Dolby Atmos is the most recent sound field which uses your typical 7 speaker setup but also adds in-ceiling speakers to give you another dynamic of sound in the room.  These extra in-ceiling speakers add a level of height to the sound so you feel more in action and more in the movie.

Imagine your self in a barn during a rain storm, with a traditional 7 speaker setup you can hear the rain falling around you bouncing off puddles around the barn,  but what you wouldn’t hear would be the rain bouncing off the tin roof.  The extra Atmos sound field adds that extra level of sound and depth to the room and creates an immersive surround sound experience.

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