Home Theater Systems: A Luxury Movie Theater Experience at Home

If you’re refinishing the basement, family room, den or bonus room in your home, you might be considering dedicated home theater systems.

In recent years, the trend has been toward multi-purpose spaces that combine a TV viewing area with a play area, space for relaxing, and maybe even a place for the kids to do their homework. But even the largest LED flat screen can’t replicate the relaxing experience of settling in for family movie night with luxurious leather theater-style seating and a two-piece projector and screen home theater system. Add some popcorn to complete the movie experience, and you may never have to buck the crowds on a Saturday night again. How does that sound?

Dedicated Home Theater Systems: A Tradition Worth Preserving

A 2013 study showed that children 8 and younger spend increasing amounts of time viewing content on mobile devices. While this is convenient for today’s families, something is lost in translation when classic movies and children’s favorites are viewed on 8-inch or smaller screens.

Home theater designer Theo Kalomirakis, commonly called the Father of Home Theater, comments on the viewing experience in his new state-of-the-art, dedicated home theater. “Since I finished my own theater, I am reminded daily of what a difference it makes in how we see movies. With its great picture and great sound, playing a Blu-ray Disc in my theater is an absolute thrill.”

It’s time to introduce dedicated home theater systems to the next generation of viewers, giving the whole family a luxurious environment to watch cinematic favorites and build movie memories.

What Components Do You Need for Home Theater Systems?

Home theater systems can range in price from under $10,000 up to six figures. The components you select, including the control system, affect the price greatly. We can design, specify and install home theater systems to fit nearly any budget in Raleigh.

For a truly luxury experience, we can specify top-of-the-line brands in your home theater system for the best sound and video quality, complete connectivity, and seamless control.

You’ll want to start with a high-quality projector and screen system. Manufacturers like Christie, Sony and Digital Projection all make quality projectors that can display images in resolutions up to 4K and higher. Pair the projector with a Stewart Filmscreen projection surface, custom designed to our exact specifications to fit your space.

Next, you’ll need a source. Possibilities include a cable or DirecTV box, AppleTV, a Blu-Ray player or a Kaleidescape media server. You may choose all or just one of these sources depending on the content you prefer and your existing movie library.

If you have more than one source, you’ll need a video matrix to switch between sources easily. A Crestron control system, which can be operated through a touchscreen, an iPad or a handheld remote control, can offer complete control of the matrix, as well as the rest of the audio visual system, lighting, shades and even your home’s thermostat.

Don’t neglect the sound for the best home theater experience. 7.1 surround sound sets the standard in audio quality today.

More than a Mancave: Home Theater Systems for the Whole Family

In recent years, home theater systems have been employed by sports fans to enjoy big-ticket events like the Super Bowl and the World Series. Often, a “mancave” will be themed to reflect a favorite team, sport or a passion like video games or racing.

But why not consider a home theater theme your whole family will enjoy? Our team of designers can work with you to create a home theater that reflects the golden age of the movies, a futuristic landscape that immediately transports you to another world, or a fun-filled fantasy world designed for young children.

Whatever theme you select, we’ll make sure your home theater systems blend seamlessly into their surroundings. We’ll tuck components into an equipment closet, so that you, your family, and your guests notice the design, décor and picture quality, but not the technology.

Finally, Synergy Integrated Systems will provide all the training you need to operate your new home theater systems easily. And if you ever have a question about your home theater systems, we’re just a phone call away with prompt and friendly service after the sale.