Home Theaters: Visit Our Showroom for a Private Demo!

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to recline in the luxurious leather seats of a custom-designed home theater, watching the action movie of your choice unfold on a screen larger than any you’ve ever seen in a home? Not everyone has had this experience. Those who do, often leave their surroundings with a new appreciation for home theaters, and the comfort, quality and family bonding time that home theaters can afford.

When you’re ready to take the leap into the elite world of owners of custom home theaters, you may not know where to start. What components will suit you best? Two-piece projection systems, LED flat screen, or the latest in display technology, a giant, curved OLED?  What sources do home theaters need? And how can you control your home theater’s systems seamlessly? This is where a custom electronics professional like Synergy Integrated Systems of Raleigh-Durham, can help. We are proud to be Raleigh’s premier source for home theaters and home automation systems.

In-Home Consultation

We frequently visit the homes of our clients to see the space available, discuss décor choices, and get a good feel for what the homeowner prefers in terms of color, style, and furnishing. Is the home thoroughly modern, where the technology of a home theater system can be showcased? Is the home traditional?  Does the home owner want the technology hidden and the old-world style of a classic theater replicated, right down to the red velvet curtains? What is the family looking to do in the space? How many seats do they need? A visit to the home and an in-depth discussion with the homeowners reveals the answers to all these questions, so we can design and specify home theater systems that fulfill your expectations and desires.

A Visit to Our Showroom

If you want to see today’s home theater technology in action, a visit to our Raleigh showroom may be in order. Here, you can demo speaker lines from the various manufacturers we carry, use a Crestron touch screen or URC remote control to see just how easy they are to work, and get hands-on with most of the technology that you may want us to integrate into your home.

We know you have choices in home theaters in Raleigh. That’s why we want you to know exactly what our showroom means to us. A custom integrator with a showroom is a bit different than the proverbial “guy with a truck,” not-so-affectionately known in the industry as a trunk slammer. Anyone can set up a website and call themselves an integration firm. An actual showroom, however, shows we’ve made a substantial investment in our business, from the real estate to the products, to the time it takes to staff our showroom.

If you’re on the fence about home theaters, want to learn more about the technology or are shopping around for the best audiovisual integration firm, our showroom is the perfect place to discuss home theaters. A visit to our showroom gives you an opportunity to get to know our team before inviting us into your home. We understand. We welcome the opportunity to “wow” you with our service, skills, and most importantly, the end results of our expertise in designing and installing home theaters, before we enter your estate.

If you’re considering home theaters and want to learn more about your choices, call us today. In order to give every customer the attention they deserve, our showroom visits are by appointment only.