IC Realtime

Their Story

Established in 2006, IC Realtime is a leading digital surveillance manufacturer serving the residential, commercial government, and military security markets. With an expansive product portfolio of surveillance solutions, IC Realtime innovates, distributes, and supports global video technology. Through a partnership with technology platform Camio, ICR created Ella, a cloud-based deep learning solution that augments surveillance cameras with natural language search capabilities, IC Realtime is revolutionizing video search functionality for the entire industry.

How Ella works

  1. Install one of their ICR Box products on the camera network. The Box will allow Ella to break down your surveillance video into metadata and send it along to the secure server.
  2. The metadata is analyzed by state of the art Deep Learning, which then transforms it into searchable pieces of information.
  3. Use Ella as your video surveillance search engine – the same way you search the internet today, with Natural Language (ex. If you try to search “man in a white shirt”, you will be shown all the video segments gathered from all the cameras connected to Ella that show a man in the white)

IC Realtime ELLA


What IC Realtime has to offer

IP Cameras:

360 degree IP Cameras360 degree IP Cameras

A 12.0 megapixel 360° Indoor/Outdoor Dome camera with a built-in microphone. The ICIP-D720IR-T12 series camera is a real-time, 360° situational awareness camera. It is capable of recording a wide area of surveillance and de-warping the native fisheye view in order to watch a stream that is undistorted to the human eye.




IP Bullet CamerasIP Bullet Cameras

The ELIP-ID1 adopts a 1/2.8’’ Starvis CMOS sensor, allowing for excellent levels of sharpness and low light performance. LPR bullet cameras have strict installation requirements and pixel count is everything to recognize characters accurately. To fill this need the ELIP-ID1 has a motorized 5mm-50mm varifocal lens allowing you to set the optical focus exactly where it needs to catch your plate accurately, every time. Plate recognition is possible at distances up to 75’ (at speeds up to 30MPH). Beyond that, the camera itself is ONVIF compliant, supports POE and is IP66 Weatherproof.


IP Dome Cameras

The ICIP-D2004-28-C is a recessed mount Dome camera, designed to be installed in ceiling mount applications. The recessed can allows for all of the camera components to be concealed inside the ceiling while leaving a small, sleek dome footprint exposed for the lowest profile dome camera possible. Inside the chassis is a 1/3” 4MP CMOS based image sensor that supports True WDR (120 dB). The HD 4MP image itself is compressed on board is triple encoded into three separate streams, and supports both H.265 and H.264 compression for the highest fidelity of video while maintaining the lowest bitrate possible. A 2.8mm lens offers a 110 degree horizontal field of vision. The real magic of this camera lies in it’s AI (Advanced Intelligence) suite of features, which includes: Tripwire, Intrusion, Scene Change, and Face Detection.


WiFi CamerasWifi Cameras

A little bullet camera with big features and WiFi capabilities – the ICIP-BW310S. This day/night bullet camera utilizes a 1/3’’, 3MP CMOS sensor supporting DWDR and other BLC features. Atop the 1/3’’ CMOS sensor sits a fixed 2.8mm lens, which offers a 100 degree horizontal field of vision. This camera is also equipped with IR illuminators which are effective up to 90’. With a small form factor and Wireless capabilities, this camera is a great option for residential or small sized business installations, where pulling Ethernet or Coaxial cable isn’t necessarily an option.



Network Video Recorders

4K Network Video Recorders

4K Network Video RecordersNVR-6000K Series

Designed for large projects that require super high definition 4K video for both recording and display. With 64 channels of video and an extreme total data bandwidth of 256Mbps this recorder delivers video in crystal 4K clarity. With these new 4K recording NVRs and with IC Realtime 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, or 12MP cameras, amazing detail capture is possible. Several levels of zoom allow users to grab every detail and enlarge it with almost no loss of clarity and legibility. Whether the surveillance system is for a large auditorium, stadium, or car dealership, this 4K recorder delivers high-performance video for facial and product identification, employee management or vandalism prevention. Two independent Ethernet ports allow for gigabit fast data streams, which prevents video loss. 8 SATA III hard drive controllers can store up to 48TB of video, plenty of storage capacity for large facilities. The NVR-6064K includes dual HDMI ports, RAID HD management, event alarm snapshots and true 4K video search and display.


NVR8000K SeriesNVR8000K Series

Their top-of-the-line recorder offers massive storage and processing power. It’s capable of recording up to 128 channels of high definition video. Best of all, you will be recording and displaying surveillance footage of up to 4K resolution. The built-in video analytics make this a powerful unit ideal for large-scale projects that require smart surveillance The device supports: tripwire, intrusion, scene change, and object abandon. In addition, the system supports audio baseline detection, so if the audio in a room goes from normal to violent, the system can take a snapshot, send an email, or set off an annunciator or alarm device. The NVR has redundant 120V power supplies, 4 gigabit Ethernet cards, and up to 16 hard drives with a total built-in storage capacity of 128TB. With an Intel i7 processor and 8 gigabytes of RAM, this NVR is built for the toughest jobs.

NVR700MP Series

Powerful network surveillance meets plug-and-play functionality. The 700MP series of Network Video Recorders is the top-of-the-line recorder for those who are looking for high-resolution recording and built-in POE switches. The NVR732MP has 32 channels of recording capability and up to 16 POE ports and can manage 200Mbps of total decoding and recording throughput.

WIFI Network Video Recorders

WIFI Network Video RecordersFor the ultimate in convenience and ease of use this 4 channel WiFi NVR hits the spot. This NVR features a built-in WiFi router with WPS (WiFI Protected Setup) for one button setup. No more CAT-5 cables running from your cameras to the NVR just mount your cameras and add power and point them at your wireless NVR. The system is perfect for small offices, restaurants, and homes. ICRealtime offers multiple cameras that work both inside and outside with this NVR. Welcome to the future of surveillance.