Illuminating Options from Crestron Lighting

crestron lighting

If you want to know what Crestron Lighting can do for your home, picture this: as soon as your alarm goes off in the morning, your lights become gently and gradually brighter, giving you just enough light to get you up and moving without blinding you. As you walk out the door, you turn off your lights and close your blinds with the touch of a button on your phone. During the day, you regulate your blinds depending upon the season. When you’re back home at night, about to settle in to watch your favorite movie, another quick swipe on your phone dims the lights to just the level you prefer and brings your blinds sliding down as you settle in with your bowl of popcorn. Dinner party? You’ve got a setting to put a subtle accent on that killer piece of art you just picked up, and your friends and family love the warm glow that bathes your dining room.

Crestron Lighting, in partnership with Synergy Integrated Systems, has all the tools to give Raleigh area homeowners just the right looks for all the things they enjoy most in life. Who wants to spend time fiddling with huge panels of finicky, unsightly switches and dimmers when you could control all of your lighting from your smartphone or wall panel? By consolidating, integrating, and innovating, Crestron Lighting and Synergy have come together to show homeowners how to bring their lighting systems into the 21st century.

The Better Tech that Sets Crestron Lighting Apart

Crestron’s InfiNET EX network technology is one of their crown jewels that puts them ahead of the competition. Rather than hogging bandwidth and creating security vulnerabilities on your home Wi-Fi network, as many wireless lighting systems do, InfiNET EX is a proprietary technology that runs through Crestron’s own network and bypasses your Wi-Fi entirely. Most homeowners know that Wi-Fi can still be a spotty and temperamental technology, so InfiNET EX is designed to put your mind at ease with a completely separate parallel wireless network that actually becomes stronger when more devices are connected to it.

Best of all, their simple and elegant technology means that a team from Synergy Integrated Systems can install Crestron wireless systems seamlessly into your home without expensive and time-consuming remodeling. Synergy is an industry leader in home automation because we pride ourselves on quality work that our clients can understand. All of our programming is done in-house and has its basic source code made available to clients. Our representatives stand by to take troubleshooting calls, even late into the night and on weekends.

The Most Options for Your Home

If you’re already remodeling or having a new home built, Crestron Lighting also offers wired systems that provide maximum reliability, replacing huge, ugly batteries of dimmers and switches with sleek and elegant control panels that can easily be hidden in an out-of-the-way equipment closet. Whatever your needs, Synergy relies on the quality of Crestron products to create a custom lighting solution that’s perfect for your home. For a sampling of Crestron’s breadth of custom lighting options, visit their lighting gallery.

Crestron Lighting and Synergy Integrated Systems have more to offer your home than just lighting. Crestron systems can be modified to include smart TVs, sub-floor heating, stereo and surround sound systems, and much more. Synergy is an industry leader in home theater technology, and coupled with a Crestron lighting system, you might even start preferring your living room to the multiplex. For some of our proudest moments in home theater design, check out our home theater gallery.

If you’re ready to consolidate and integrate the systems in your home so you can spend more time on the things that are most important to you and less time looking for twenty different remote controls, call Synergy Integrated Systems at 919-324-3592 and ask how a Crestron Lighting System can give your home the beautiful look and ambiance it deserves.