Integrated Systems Give You Total Home Control

Just imagine if you could manage your family members’ home environment to such an extent that the house almost seems to be living along with you. Imagine what life would be like if your house could anticipate your family’s needs and provide necessary services without you having to do anything! Such ultimate home control is not only imaginable; it’s completely doable with automated arrangements installed by the professionals at Synergy Integrated Systems.

We can integrate all the electronics in your house and program them to work together to manage a room’s atmosphere, to save money on monthly utilities, to protect the earth’s environment, to keep everyone safe and to totally support your family’s lifestyle and daily activities. Such overall home control will make daily life easier and keep you more comfortable than you could ever imagine.

  • Window shades and curtains that automatically open and close according to the time of day and capitalize on warmth from the sunlight.
  • Lamps and overhead lights that routinely turn on and off depending on when you are usually using a designated space and when you aren’t.
  • Thermostats that intuitively raise and lower room temperatures to coincide with various occasions and activity levels.

Through the use of stylish keypads, installed or individual touch screens and your own smart phones and tablets, automated home control will give you and your family a higher degree of comfort, a greater sense of safety and a life of much more convenience and enjoyment.

The Scenes Of Your Family

Mornings – The goal is to get everyone awake, dressed and off to school or work on time. How can your house help you do that?

What if, just before your alarm is scheduled to ring, the thermostat raises the room temperature to 70 degrees and your window shades slowly open to gradually allow sunshine into the room? Then, the heated bathroom floor is activated and the bedroom television comes on, softly tuned to the morning news. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to start each day?

Evenings – What you need is to make it safely home, get school work finished and get dinner cooked. Can your house support these activities?

What if, as you are driving home the outside security lights are activated and the designated door unlocks for you? Your home’s inside temperature re-adjusts from being kept economically low all day and strategically placed lights come on to welcome you home – soft lamp light in the entrance hall, strong study lamps in the den, overhead lights to cook by in the kitchen. Coming home would feel so comforting, wouldn’t it?

Nighttime – You want to enjoy a little “down time” before locking up and going to bed. What can your house do to make that happen?

What if, you touch a button and the home theater screen descends, window coverings are closed, lights are dimmed and a menu of your favorite television shows or movies is presented to you? Later, when you start to bed, your automated system locks all the doors, turns off all lights and electronics and activates the security system. Now that’s a peaceful way to end the day, isn’t it?

We Can Make These Scenes Come True

Whether you are preparing to remodel an existing house or planning the construction of a new residence, our technicians will work with you to design an automated system that will give you the total home control that your family needs.

Call Synergy Integrated Systems for a free consultation. We will help you achieve total home control for your family.