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Just Add Power is the global leader in HDMI over IP based video solutions and distribution solutions.  HDMI over IP from Just Add Power is an ethernet based video distribution system that lets you build any size of HDMI video matrix, for installation in a residential or commercial setting.

All you need is a compatible network switch. Most Just Add Power transmitters are PoE so you won’t need a power supply, which comes in handy. This system allows you to send 4K full HDMI over cat6 cable when your source is too far from the display to run a HDMI cable. It allows the installer to create a matrix between the sources and displays, giving you almost no limit to the amount of inputs and outputs you can have. Plus Just Add Power makes expanding your system very convenient. Rather than having to change out any rack equipment during a 4K upgrade, you can just change out the old TV’s for the new.

Another ability of Just Add Power is called video tiling. With just one tiling transmitter you can watch 4 HDMI sources on just a single display. It is possible to stack these transmitters to give you 16 HDMI sources on a single display. The tiling transmitters can be connected to a network switch giving the HDMI sources the ability to be shown on any display that is integrated into the system. This feature is great for checking up on your security and surveillance cameras.

With its helpful features and easy installation, Just Add Power is a key component to most whole-home distribution systems and it is used in some of the finest luxury homes around the world.  

Residential installs often require the highest specification of AV standards to be met. With Just Add Power installed you can enjoy the latest 4K/UHD content on both 4K and 1080p displays simultaneously and also support high-quality audio formats such as DTS:X and Dolby Atmos to deliver the most immersive audiovisual experience available.

Why HDMI Over IP?


Unlike a traditional matrix, you only spec the exact input/output combination you need, saving you money and wasting no ports.


Perfect for luxury homes and private estates. If you stack switches it is possible to measure the distance in kilometres not and not metres.


Connect sources like Bluray players in Cinema rooms to your HDMI network. You don’t need a central rack for all AV, unlike a traditional matrix.


If you choose to purchase another display or add new sources simply purchase more receivers and transmitters. You don’t have to replace the whole system!

Just Add Power Best In Show

Installation is quick and easy. Whether it’s a commercial or residential job, the specification and installation basics remain the same.