Lighting Control for Chapel Hill Residents

lighting control As the #1 Crestron dealer in the Raleigh-Durham area, Synergy Integrated Systems is proud to offer lighting control solutions also to residents in Chapel Hill. With over 56,000 residents, Chapel Hill is a thriving area filled with beautiful homes. It’s time to make your home in Chapel Hill work for you by installing a lighting control system. Most homes’ traditional lighting systems require many components to set the right mood or save energy. Creating a romantic atmosphere, for example, can mean switching many light switches and fiddling with dozens of dimmers. Fortunately, a lighting control solution takes away all that hassle!

Today’s households have benefited from amazing strides in lighting control. Your home in Chapel Hill now has the opportunity to become free of unsightly switches and dimmers. You can also hide miles upon miles of wires, which lowers the chance of accidents or embarrassment. A lighting control system from Synergy Integrated Systems also replaces rows of switches, knobs, and keypads with one stylish keypad. This keypad powers your lighting control system as well as shades, temperature, audio and more. This means that Synergy Integrated Systems can bring your Chapel Hill residence to a whole new level!

Lighting Control with Synergy

We specialize in Crestron lighting control. If you desire premium lighting control at quality pricing, then Crestron is perfect for your Chapel Hill home. In fact, Crestron is the leading provider of products for home integration systems. Synergy Integrated Systems uses Crestron lighting products to empower you to adapt a home to your family’s lifestyle. If your family loves to travel, for example, then a lighting control system helps decrease security risks. You can set lighting from a touchscreen keypad or your mobile device to simulate occupancy, which can fool burglars into believing someone is always home.

We have also partnered with URC for their Total Control lighting system. For the past 25 years, URC has revolutionized control technology with trailblazing developments. The lighting components of URC Total Control work flawlessly to deliver comfort, convenience, and security to your Chapel Hill residence. This system gives homeowners complete mastery over their domicile. From the stereo equipment to the thermostat, any feature can be adjusted from one universal handheld remote. For lighting control particularly, it also monitors how much energy your home consumes on a daily basis. That means you’ll save money where it matters most!

High-quality systems offer convenience and versatility to any household. Synergy Integrated Systems will help you decide how to combine wired and wireless lighting control to create the perfect atmosphere for any scenario. If you want to control other aspects of your home such as audio, video, or temperature, we can easily integrate any or all systems during setup. Similarly, if a wired home automation system is already in place, we can assimilate lighting control during setup or later in the future.

Still worried about damage to your existing structure? Don’t be! Along with focused customer satisfaction, we also offer a large product selection for when you decide to upgrade or add new lighting to an existing home. Wireless dimmers, for example, guarantee no structural damage to your Chapel Hill home. These lighting control components require no additional rewiring or destructive installation. The installation is the same as an ordinary dimmer except even better. You can simply adjust any lighting in any room from your mobile device or touchscreen keypad.

Our skilled professionals at Synergy Integrated Systems are happy to assist you in planning customized lighting control. We will be happy to show you the lighting control options that make sense for your family’s lifestyle and budget.

We serve the greater Raleigh-Durham area and beyond, including the entire coastline of North Carolina. Our focus is on customer service and our support staff is available 24 hours a day.

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