What Should You Look for in Home Audio Speakers?

Do you love the sound of music throughout your home? Nothing says luxury quite like hearing music playing in every room of your house, set at exactly the right levels, and maybe even programmed to turn on automatically when you wake up or when you get home from work.

Distributed audio is one of the more exciting aspects of today’s smart homes. The right loudspeakers help create the ideal experience in a distributed audio system. But which home audio speakers are right for your home’s décor and your family’s lifestyle?

Home Audio Speakers for Every Room

When you’re choosing home audio speakers, you’ll want to balance acoustics with aesthetics. Fortunately, with today’s high-end speakers from popular names like Crestron, JBL, Triad, Origin Acoustics and many others, you don’t have to sacrifice great sound for a clean look. You can have both!

In-wall or in-ceiling home audio speakers fit well in the dining room, kitchen, living room, and family room. Perfect to provide tunes for entertaining or to play soft background music during dinner, these speakers create a welcoming environment in your home.

Speaker grilles can be painted to match any décor, so they virtually vanish from sight. They won’t be any more conspicuous than heat or AC vents – and, in many cases, even less so. But the sound that will fill your rooms will delight residents and guests.

Home Audio Speakers for Home Theaters

In some home theaters, you don’t want to hide the speakers, but to showcase them as part of the overall theater atmosphere. The 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound systems that go into many home theaters or multipurpose family rooms provide superior audio quality for multi-channel sources, while adding to the ambiance of the theater.

On the other hand, the professionals at Synergy Integrated Systems can just as easily design a surround sound system using in-wall speakers that blend into your décor, or a combination of on-wall and in-wall designs to create the exact look you want.

Home Audio Speakers for Parties

When you’re enjoying your favorite music as the centerpiece to your afternoon, or if you’re hosting a party where you want guests to get up and dance, you want a completely different listening experience.

Powerful high-end speakers like those from Revel are designed to provide an audiophile quality experience for even the most discerning ears.

These speakers are both aesthetically and acoustically pleasing to fit in any family room, home theater, or media room for a high-quality audio experience that doesn’t distract from the décor, but becomes part of it.

Outdoor Designs

Your home audio experience shouldn’t end when you leave your house – and it doesn’t have to. High-quality all-weather speakers are perfect for outdoor entertaining and days spent poolside.

Durable, high-quality speakers from companies like James Loudspeaker or JBL work in any environment, so you can take your party outside without missing a beat.

Home Audio Speakers in New Construction or Retrofits

Whether you’re building a new home or retrofitting an existing house, Synergy Integrated Systems will work with your Raleigh/Durham area designers to create a seamless home audio system that is both aesthetically pleasing and acoustically inspiring.